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Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin, Jason Spevack, Steve Zahn, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Clifton Collins Jr., Eric Christian Olsen, Paul Dooley, Kevin Chapman
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A man shoots himself with a shotgun. (0:01)

Rose tells her sister Norah, referring to Rose’s son Oscar, “He’s gonna be hyper all night.” (0:05)

Norah tells Oscar, “Because he has OCD and is obsessed with licking mailboxes.”
”Are you gonna let me tell the story or are you gonna drive me crazy?” (0:06)

Her lover and detective ex-boyfriend Mac tells Rose, “You know... this guy offed himself in a sporting goods store...” (0:07)

Principal: “In situations like this we generally recommend medication... There are many drugs that are very effective with very few side effects.” (0:13)

Rose Mac by telephone, referring to Oscar, “They want to put him on medication...” (0:14)

Rose tells Norah, “... and I quit smoking...” (0:15)

Oscar tells his grandfather Joe, “The teachers want to put me in a retard class.”
Joe: ”Who wants to put you in a retard class?” (0:20)

Rose tells Mac, “You’re crazy.” (0:22)

Norah tells Rose, “Oh my God, Rose, you... idiot.”
”Do it on your own, idiot.” (0:24)

Blood bank technician Lynn tells Norah, “Don’t be nervous.”
Norah: ”I’m not nervous.” (0:43)

A partier shares a joint with Norah.
Lynn tells Norah, “Well, sometimes I think that when you get high or when you drink, when you alter your consciousness...”
”... it weakens you psychically...” (0:44)

Rose tells Norah it’s “A suicide.” (0:48)

Norah tells Lynn how her mother died: “It was a do-it-yourself kind of thing.” (0:55)

Norah recalls when she and Rose find their mother’s lifeless body. (0:57)

Lynn tells Norah, “My mom was a pathetic drunk. I’m an idiot.” (1:14)

Rose tells Norah, “It drove me crazy.” (1:19)