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Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, Martha MacIsaac, Emma Stone, Stacy Edwards, Kevin Corrigan, Joe Lo Truglio
cocaine | crack cocaine | marijuana
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By telephone high school senior Seth tells his friend Evan, referring to porn sites, “You know, there’s one for fetishes...” (0:02)

Evan tells Seth, “You know you’re being an idiot...”
Referring to Shauna, “But she was insanely hot.”
”I’d be psyched if I got with her.”Seth: “Are you out of your mind?”
”Yeah, but that guy’s a... idiot.” (0:04)

Evan tells his friend Becca, “Saturday was actually a crazy night for me.”
”I feel crazy.”
Becca: ”So, I guess you guys are really gonna go crazy next year together.” (0:09)

Seth tells his friend Fogell, “That’s insane.”
”Well, if nothing comes up, we can get shitfaced again...”
Seth: “That’s insane...”
Seth asks Evan, “You tell that idiot you’re not rooming with him next year?” (0:14)

Seth tells Evan, referring to Seth early drawing habit, “Even I thought it was... crazy.”
”My parents make me go see some therapist...”
”Alright, let’s stop this madness.” (0:17)

Evan tells Seth, “You just sound like an idiot.”
Seth, referring to classmate Jules, “She’s gonna be drunk...”
Referring to Becca, ”That way you know she’ll be drunk... ‘Oh, I was so shitfaced last night’...”
”I’ll talk to that retard Fogell.” (0:21)

Seth tells Fogell, “You look like a future pedophile in this picture...” (0:26)

Fogell tells Evan, “I’m, like, really nervous.” (0:32)

Seth tells Evan, “This plan’s been... since Jump Street...”
”Evan, that’s psycho shit, man.”
”What, do you think Becca’s gonna be psyched...?” (0:34)

Seth tells Evan, “Dude, this is crazy.” (0:45)

Officer Slater tells Fogell, referring to Officer Michaels, “He’s young, but the Force is strong with this one. ‘Learning you are, young padawan.’”
“That’s Yoda.”
Michaels: “You familiar with Yoda?”
Slater: “From Attack of the Clones?” (0:46)

Partiers smoking marijuana in a waterpipe. “
Evan asks Seth, “Are you out of your mind?”
”Are you crazy, man?”
Referring to Becca: ”I’m not gonna get her drunk out of her mind.” (0:47)

Seth: “This is... crazy.”
The liquor ”Dude, we’re so gonna get [intoxicated]” (0:54)

A partier asks Seth about “That... stain on your pants, idiot.” (0:54)

A partier pours cocaine on a mirror. “That was the first time I ever did coke...”
A partier asks Evan,”You want a line of cocaine?” (1:00)

Michaels blows into a breath analyzer. “I feel hammered.” (1:02)

Partier snorts cocaine. (1:04)

Michaels tells Fogell, “Yeah, go nuts. Go nuts.”
Slater: “Man, let’s get drunk.” (1:06)

Seth tells Evan, “You’re the one that dragged me to that... party with those lunatics, man.” (1:07)

Michaels tells Fogell, “We’re gonna arrest these two guys, and you’re gonna write a witness report saying they leapt out in front of our car like madmen...” (1:12)

Evan tells Seth, “Well good luck getting Jules drunk enough to have sex with you.”
Seth: “You’re an idiot, Fogell.” (1:17)

Becca’s friend Gaby tells Evan, referring to Becca, “She’s way smashed...”
Evan: “But she’s totally hammered, and if I get with her, and I’m not drunk, isn’t that unethical?”
Gaby: “Not if you’re drunk too.” (1:19)

Evan tells Becca, “It’s such a crazy story, okay?”
”I’m already pretty wasted.” (1:22)

Jules tells Seth, “Well, I mean you’re drunk. You’re, like, really, really drunk.”
Seth: “You’re drunk. You’re drunk, Jules.”
Jules: “I’m not drunk at all.”
Jules: “Not while you’re drunk...” (1:26)

Evan tells Becca, “You’re really drunk.”
Becca: ”I am not drunk.”
Evan: “I’m so drunk I can’t even, like process this.” (1:28)

Seth tells Jules, “I thought we’d both be drunk.”
Jules: ”What does me being drunk have anything to do with it?”
Seth: “You’d never get with me if you were sober.” (1:30)

Michaels tells the partiers, “I assume you all have guns and crack.” (1:31)

Michaels tells Fogell, “We’re not idiots, McLovin.” (1:33)

Slater tells the partiers, referring to Fogell, “This kid’s... crazy.”
Michaels: “He’s crazy.”
Slater: “This kid’s crazy. He’s nuts.” (1:34)

Michaels tells Fogell, “So by signing this, you are officially saying that as we stopped you from being mugged, a crackhead stole our cruiser and did God knows what with it.”
Michaels tells Fogell, referring to Slater, “He’s not usually this drunk when he does this...”
Slater: “... crazy.” (1:36)

Evan tells Seth, referring to chicks, “They go nuts for that.” (1:43)

Seth asks Evan, “Do alcoholics get hangovers?” (1:44)

Seth tells Jules, “But seriously, I acted like a... idiot last night.” (1:45)