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Year released1999
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Student Mary Katherine Gallagher narrates, referring to a schoolmate: "Evian Graham, the most beautiful, most popular, most bulimic girl at St. Monica's." (0:06)

Mary, narrating: "... especially movies like Carrie..." (0:07)

Mary confesses to the priest: "Father, my sins would best be expressed in a monologue from the made-for-TV-movie Sybil, starring the young Miss Sally Field as a woman with multiple personality disorder." (0:08)

Mary explains her behavior to a priest, "Sometimes when I get nervous I stick my fingers under my arms, and I smell them like that." (0:12)

Her classmate Helen Lowengrub tells Mary, referring to another classmate, "Owen has obsessive compulsive disorder."
During roll call, classmate Thomas Smith responds: "Here, but I don't, like, know where here is, man, 'cause I'm so wasted, man."
Father: "Thomas, stop pretending that you're high on drugs."
Helen tells Mary, "He's too scared to actually take drugs."
Mary: "Drugs are bad."
Schoolmates hold a sign that reads "RETARD CLASS," while yelling "Retard."
Helen tells Mary, referring to new schoolmate Eric Slater, "He's crazy. They say he chopped up his parents, and now he never talks." (0:13)

Mary tells Helen, "I was rewinding Silence of the Lambs at the video store yesterday." (0:17)

Mary, referring to her supposedly supermodel friends: "... and when we get together it's like total, total and utter insanity. Insanity." (0:20)

Her schoolmate Sky Corrigan tells Mary, "Listen, I'm looking for a... movie... starring John Travolta: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble."
Evian tells Sky, "I'm getting Flubber again." (0:20)

Mary's boss tells Mary, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble."
Mary watches the movie. (0:21)

Schoolmate: "It's time to feed the retard." (0:23)

Jesus tells Mary, "See, technically, you're like in this REM sleep state... Basically, your subconscious came up with me to help you deal, dig?" (0:29)

Mary tells Evian, "If I was Sissy Spacek in the movie Carrie, I would use my telekinesis to kill you." (0:32)

Father Ritley tells Mary, "Now, upon reflection, I think a combination of prayer and Ritalin could eliminate her excess energy."
Mary's disabled grandmother tells Ritley, "You may call her hyperactive..." (0:36)

By telephone Evian tells her schoolmate friends Autumn Winters and Summer Falls, "I've been through a trauma..." We hear Evian purging off camera. (0:37)

Mary, referring to Eric: "Oh, dear God, please make this crazy kid go away... Please make this crazy kid go away." (0:47)

Father Ritley: "Thank you, Thomas, for that tribute to Star Wars." (0:48)

Avian: "You said you like the movie Carrie... Mary."
Boy in audience: "Retard!" (0:51)

Mary asks Eric, "So why does everyone think you're crazy?"
Eric stutters: "Because I never talk... and I'd rather that they're scared of me than make fun of my stutter."
Mary: "Sometimes I just hate the way I am." (0:53)

Eric tells Mary, "I think Sky would have to be crazy not to want to kiss you." (0:56)

Thomas: "I got the D.T.s, Ms. Gallagher."
Howard tells Thomas, "D.T.s are from being drunk, not high, you fruit. He's got his addictions confused, Mrs. Gallagher."
Thomas: "I'm just so high, I think I'm drunk." (1:00)

Helen: "Mary, we're like really nervous."
Schoolmate Maria tells Mary, "That's really insightful."
Mary: "It's from The Initiation of Sarah, starring Miss Shelley Winters." (1:03)

Vivian tells Mary, "The school therapist says I have to apologize, so I'm sorry..." (1:05)

Jesus tells Eric, "Roadside thing's freaking you out, huh?"
Jesus answers: "Mary Katherine Gallagher's subconscious idea of God." (1:06)

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