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CastJames Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan, Jack Elam, Henry Jones, Bruce Dern, Willis Bouchey, Gene Evans, Walter Burke, Dick Peabody, Chubby Johnson, Kathleen Freeman, Dick Haynes
Year released1969
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Funeral procession and burial in graveyard of Millard Frymore (0:00)

Thomas Devery tells the others, "... that drunken revelry going on in Madame Orr’s House..." (0:05)

Brawl with traumatic head injuries (0:12, 0:14, 0:21)

Jason McCullough tells the others, "Oh, don’t worry about that..."
Henry Jackson: ”Even the dance hall girls carried on like crazy.” (0:17)

Jason asks Mrs. Danvers, referring to Prudy Perkins, "Does she have any past history of strange behavior like this?" (0:31)

Jason asks “town character” Jake, "Why should you worry about what Joe thinks?"
Jake: ”Because he’s mean, Sheriff, because he’s mean and nasty.” (0:32)

Jason tells Joe Danby, "Joe, you just stay right there and behave yourself..." (0:36)

Mayor Olly Perkins, Prudy’s father, tells Jason, "... kind of sobered up the whole town."
Jason: ”Well, don't worry about it...” (0:43)

Olly tells Jason, referring to Prudy, "I think she’s crazy."
”She’s had some terrible shocks this year...” (0:45)

Joe’s father Pa Danby tells Jason, "... that was real smart..."
Jason: ”... I haven’t seen him do one smart thing yet.” (0:49)

Pa tells Joe, "... you don’t exactly dazzle nobody with your intelligence..." (0:50)

Pa tells Joe’s brothers Tom and Luke, "... I want you two to behave yourselves while I’m gone..." (0:53)

Prudy asks Jason, "... how about in the mud, when I was trying to defend myself from that common pervert?"
Prudy: ”... I just thought it was dumb having such an attractive man thinking I was a hopeless loony.”
Jason: ”Well, loony, maybe, but...” (0:55)

Jason tells Jake, "I just wish you could see the greed in your face."
Jake, referring to his father: ”They hung him.” (1:00)

Jason: "Don’t you worry, Joe..." (1:03)

Jason asks Prudy, "May I compliment you on getting such a romantic idea, Miss Prudy?"
Prudy: ”There's nothing romantic about it, Sheriff”
Jason: ”Nothing romantic about a man and a girl out for a ride...?”
Prudy: ”I think that that is one of the most mature things I’ve ever heard of a man doing.”
Jason: ”Mature?”
Prudy: ”Mature, as opposed to childish...”
Jason: ”You don’t think it sounded a little cowardly?”
”Didn't it sound a little cowardly to you?”
Prudy: ”No, I told you, it sounds mature.”
Jason: ”It sounded a little cowardly to me just now when I said it.”
Prudy: ”... It’s mature.”
Jason: ”The reason I know it's cowardly is because I have never done a cowardly thing in my life...”
”... and it isn't mature. It's cowardly.”
”... she secretly thinks he's a coward.” (1:11)

Olly: "Now, those in favor of not getting involved in the crisis which is about to befall our fair community..."
Prudy: ”... the men in this town are nothing but a bunch of low down, miserable, cowardly curs.” (1:16)

Pa tells Luke, "Always worrying about your life..." (1:25)

Pa tells Joe, "You stay out of this, you miserable coward." (1:26)

Jason tells the others, "A small crisis needs to be handled." (1:29)

Olly, "Prudy, for once in your life play it smart..." (1:30)

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