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Surrender, Dorothy

Diane Keaton, Tom Everett Scott, Alexa Davalos, Lauren German, Josh Hopkins, Chris Pine, Peter Riegert, Marnie Crossen, Roy Werner
psylocybe | OxyContin | oxycodone | amphetamine | Woody Allen | lysergic acid diethylamide
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Sara tells her writer friend Adam, "Then stop projecting." (0:08)

Sara tells Adam, referring to the plastic bag he shows her, "Magic mushrooms." (0:10)

Peter tells Sara's mother Natalie that Sara is dead. (0:16)

Natalie overcome with grief on seeing Sara’s body. (0:17)

Funeral for Sara in a cemetery. (0:19)

Sara's friend Peter, referring to Natalie: "She might be having some sort of nervous breakdown." (0:19)

Adam tells the others, "The grieving mother is not moving us out." (0:27)

Peter tells Adam and Peter's wife Maddy, "She's like the Brady Bunch maid on speed." (0:30)

Adam tells Peter, "Okay, you get the Boy Scout merit badge for counseling grieving divorcees." (0:33)

Adam tells Natalie, "Look, Mrs. Swerdlow, I feel guilty, okay? I'm racked with guilt." (0:35)

Maddy tells Peter, "It was early freshman year and we were really drunk."
Maddie: "Why are you freaking out?" (0:39)

Adam's actor lover Shawn tells Natalie, referring to his brother, "My step-mom had cancer, and then he OD'd on her Oxycontin." (0:40)

Natalie tells Peter, "It's just that talking about Sara is the only way I have of keeping her alive." (0:44)

Maddy, referring to Adam: "Ugh, he's sleepwalking again."
Shawn, referring to Adam: "He's nervous about it." (0:46)

Natalie tells Adam, "Don't get like Woody Allen did in Interiors." (0:50)

Shawn, cross-dressed in a kimono, tells Adam, "Look, I'm not going in drag." (0:51)

Maddy tells Adam, "Shawn got Sara's mushrooms, and they're gonna get high."
Natalie: "Sara's mushrooms?"
Maddy: "Mushrooms. Shrooms. Mushrooms."
"You know, like hallucinogens. Like LSD, but they're natural... Last time I did them I saw my dead grandparents and Abraham Lincoln, and then Puked for four hours." (0:55)

Maddy tells the guys, referring to Natalie, "She wants to try mushrooms."
Adam: "Why would you give mushrooms to that woman?"
Peter gives mushrooms to Adam and Shawn.
Natalie: "Where are the mushrooms?" Hallucinogen intoxication. (0:56)

Maddy: "I think it's the drugs, Mrs. Swerdlow." (1:00)

Peter tells Adam. "Hey, hey, hey, you're just tripping guy."
Natalie: "You're so paranoid.” (1:02)

Peter tells Natalie, "We were drunk." (1:02)

Maddy tells Peter, "You stupid idiot!" (1:06)

Natalie tells Adam, "I'm in mourning. I'm grieving."
Adam: "We're all grieving."
Natalie: "Sitting around, getting drunk..." (1:10)

Shawn tells Adam, "But, why, I am in analysis twice a week." (1:13)