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Sweet Movie

CastSami Frey, Carole Laure, Anna Prucnal, Pierre Clémenti, John Vernon, Roy Callender, Jane Mallett
Year released1974
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

M.C.: ”Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome once again to the Crazy Daisy Show.
Philanthropist and Chariman of the Chastity Belt Foundation Mrs. Martha Alplanalp responds to the M.C.: “At Chastity Belt, there are no metals, no elastic supports, no tranquilizers.”
M.C.: “Dr. Mittlefinger, brilliant master of deep insights, and even deeper insights...” (0:02)

Capt. Ann asks a Russian revolutionary sailor (Luv Bakunin) with hat: “Potemken,”
“Hey, Potemken...” (0:24)

Miss Canada: “This is insane.”
Mrs. Alplanalp: ”Maybe we should ask for a psychiatric examination.”
Man: “There are people with similar symptoms. They become confused. They spend the rest of their lives behind the walls of asylums.” (0:29)

Miss Canada calls Jeremiah “Hitler.”
Jeremiah: “ They wanted to use me and Szondi’s test. I'm listed in Krafft-Ebing. I'm a certified psychopath.” (0:32)

Ann tells Luv, “Whoever falls and dies is a real schmuck, a total idiot.” (0:55)

Ann sexually abuses boys. (0:59)

Men purge. (1:10)

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