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Sweethearts (1997)

CastJaneane Garofalo, Mitch Rouse, Margaret Cho, Bobcat Goldthwait, Van Quattro, Buckley Norris
Year released1997
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Jasmine listens to a voice mail message from Collin who tells her, "I'm not a narcissist." (0:01)

Jasmine loads a revolver. (0:02)

Sign on coffee house: "Asylum" (0:05)

Jasmine tells Arliss, "You're going to seem... less desperate and neurotic." (0:15)

Jasmine tells Arliss, referring to her roommate: "She was a borderline paranoid schizophrenic..."
"Yes I spent some time in a hospital." (0:18)

Arliss asks Jasmine, "So what now? I'm homophobic?" (0:19)

Arliss tells Jasmine, "You're insane." (0:24)

Jasmine tells Arliss, "He had a hard time dealing with my mood swings."
Arliss: "Who doesn't have mood swings?"
Jasmine: "To be perfectly frank I'm a bipolar manic depressive."
Arliss: "What is manic depressive?"
Jasmine: "Essentially it's a chemical imbalance of the brain...I'm a rapid cycler."
"Lithium, Klonopin, Tegretol, Depakote... side effects... just a bad as the episodes themselves."
Arliss: "If there's a treatment for you..." (0:29)

Jasmine threatens Arliss with the revolver; it discharges. (0:33)

Jasmine tells Arliss, "I think getting up at the crack of dawn to kill myself disqualifies me."
"Using this gun on myself... doesn't mean... kick start you after a long depression." (0:39)

Arliss tells Jasmine, "I don't care if you want to kill yourself." (0:41)

Arliss tells Jasmine, "Give me this opportunity to convince you not to kill yourself..."
"What if I convince you not to kill yourself?"
"You don't want to shoot yourself."
"Then shoot yourself."
Jasmine: "I will shoot myself." (0:43)

Jasmine holds the revolver to her head, spins the cylinder, and pulls the trigger. The hammer lands on an empty chamber. (0:44)

Jasmine tells Arliss she might "Try to kill myself in a scuzzy bathroom..." (0:46)

Jasmine: "Suicidal people usually are." [morbid] (0:48)

Arliss asks Jasmine, "Is this like another one of those manic depressive things?" (0:49)

Arliss calls the "suicide hotline."
Arliss tells the hotline volunteer, "I think she's going to kill herself."
Hotline volunteer: "You can't keep her from killing herself." (0:54)

Jasmine tells Arliss, referring to the hat he bought for her, "This is what I'd wear to my own funeral." (0:58)

Jasmine tells Arliss she might take "And in a pinch, Vicodin..." (0:59)

Arliss tells a policeman, "This girl's serious. She's going to kill herself."
Policeman: "Listen, there's nothing you can do." (1:08)

Arliss asks Jasmine, "Are you depressed?" (1:14)

Jasmine handles her revolver. (1:16)

Compare and contrast with 'night Mother.

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