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Swept Away

Giancarlo Giannini, Mariangela Melato, Isa Danieli, Richardo Salvino, Aldo Puglisi, Eros Pagni
hashish | marijuana | ginger
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Wealthy Raffaella tells Pavone, referring to Charles De Gaulle, “I’m crazy for him.” (0:09)

Pippo tells Gennarino, “He’s gone mad!” (0:14)

Pavone, referring to the gamblers, “They’re crazy.” (0:15)

Pippo shows Gennarino some joints: “I think it’s hashish.”
Gennarino: “Drugs, eh? Is it hashish?”
”This is marijuana.”
Pippo: “Marijuana.”
Gennarino: “Are you nuts? You might like it, get hooked and end up in jail.”
Idiot... This fool wants an orgy with marijuana.” (0:16)

Raffaella, referring to the rest of the yacht party: “They’re all incompetent morons.” (0:30)

Raffaella: “The boat is rocking like crazy.”
”If we were sideways, perhaps, but that’s idiotic.” (0:36)

Raffaella: “Proletarians go crazy as soon as they get a taste of power.” (0:49)

Raffaella asks Gennarino, “Aren't you tired of playing this sick sadistic game?... Isn't it enough that we’re in this crazy situation?”
”I’ll kill myself.” (0:58)

Raffaella: “It’s a fixation.”
Gennarino: “Fixation, my ass!” (1:08)

Gennarino tells Raffaela, “Filthy rich and filthy pigs on drugs.”
”Idiot.” (1:19)

Raffaela tells Gennarino, “I feel drunk, dizzy...”
”Silly idiot.” (1:23)

Gennarino tells Raffaela, “You’re crazy.”
Raffaela: “Yes, completely crazy for you, my love.”
”I’m mad for you.”
”You’re a bit of a sadist, my love.” (1:25)

Gennarino tells Raffaela, “I’m not in the mood.” (1:30)

Gennarino tells the captain who rescues them, “The fight for survival took the ginger out of her.” (1:39)

Gennarino tells his wife, “Every now and then someone arrives at night and shoots himself.” (1:42)

Gennarino tells his wife, “If I go off the deep end, I’ll throw myself into the sea.” (1:51)