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Swimming with Sharks

Frank Whaley, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Forbes, Benicio Del Toro, T.E. Russell, Roy Dotrice, Matthew Flint, Patrick Fischler, Jerry Levine
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Guy tells the others referring to Buddy, "Sweet talkin’, crazy."
”That's Martha Raye, you idiots. Shelley Winters: Winchester '73, Suddenly, Last Summer, A Place in the Sun, A Patch of Blue, Lolita, The Poseidon Adventure.” (0:01)

His boss Buddy asks Guy, "Have you gone completely insane?"
”Look, I know things have been a little crazy at the office lately...” (0:08)

Guy tells Rex, "But that's crazy." (0:20)

Producer Dawn Lockard asks guy, referring to Buddy, "What is he, in one of his moods?" (0:24)

Guy tells Dawn, "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade... Rancho Del Rio"
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.” (0:35)

Buddy leaves a message on Guy’s voicemail: "Anyway, tomorrow morning on your way in, I need you to stop off and pick up a prescription for me... " (0:37)

Buddy tells Guy, "It's Yom Kippur, you idiot."
”My briefcase, you idiot.” (0:37)

Buddy tells Guy, "I've got to admit, you may not be a complete idiot after all... It's too depressing."
”It is primitive instinct for a woman like Dawn to choose a mate who can best provide for her needs...” (0:47)

Guy tells Dawn, "No more sucking up to these egotistical idiots."
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc poster on Guy’s wall. (1:00)

Buddy tells Guy, referring to Buddy’s wife Mallory, "She died." (1:05)

Buddy tells Guy, "You were getting complacent, ungrateful -- complete and total job burnout..."
”It's my job to be selfish.” (1:11)

Dawn: "... men... crazy." (1:16)

Dawn: "Guy, this is completely insane." (1:21)

Jack tells Guy, referring to Dawn, "You deserve it after you saved buddy from that crazy chick." (1:26)