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Sylvia (2003)

Gwyneth Paltrow, Daniel Craig, Amira Casar, Alison Bruce
Sylvia Plath
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Poet Sylvia Plath recites her work: “Oh fool, I shall go mad.” (0:11)

Sylvia tells poet Ted, “I tried to kill myself three years ago. I broke into the box where my mother kept the sleeping pills... and I took them, and I went to sleep.” (0:14)

Sylvia tells Ted, “I tried to drown myself once.”
”Then my father died.” (0:31)

Writer Al tells Sylvia, “This one is extraordinary, and, uh, ‘Lady Lazarus,’ the one about the, uh, the failed suicides, the despair, the overpowering sense of foreboding, and yet without a trace of anger or hysteria or any appeal to sympathy.”
Sylvia: “The Bell Jar.”
Al: “Sleeping pills. I, uh, I took too many.”
Sylvia: ”Sometimes I feel like I’m... hollow.” (1:18)

Sylvia tells her neighbor Prof. Thomas, referring to doctors, “They hook you up to the Eastern grid and fill you full of sparks.” Electroconvulsive therapy? (1:25)

Sylvia empties a prescription bottle into her hand but only swallows one after returning the rest to the bottle. (1:28)

Sylvia tells Ted, “I almost went mad.” (1:33)

Sylvia seals the doors to keep the gas from escaping. (1:39)

Ted grieves. (1:42)

Title: “On February 11th 1963 Sylvia Plath committed suicide... having inhaled gas from her stove...” (1:43)