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Take Care of My Little Girl

Jeanne Crain, Dale Robertson, Mitzi Gaynor, Jean Peters
Spoiler alert
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Elizabeth “Liz” Erickson tells her friend Janet Shaw, "Oh, don’t worry." (0:03)

Janet asks Liz, "What have you got to worry about?" (0:06)

Liz tells Tri-U sister Dallas Prewitt, "I’m simply going mad with nothing to wear but this old suit." (0:14)

Dallas: "A Tri-U is selfless... A Tri-U is always patient..." (0:23)

Dallas tells the others, referring to Liz, "... I was a little worried about her..." (0:30)

Senior Joe Blake tells Liz, "Janet was an idiot to let a bunch of silly girls drive her home."
Liz: ”I bet you’re just crazy about my red nose.” (0:39)

Dallas tells the others, referring to fraternity brother Chad Carnes, "Skips dinner and shows up clobbered."
”It’s hard to tell when Chad’s clobbered...” (0:42)

Chad tells Liz, "Don’t worry." (0:43)

LIz tells Ruth, "Well don’t worry..." (0:50)

Liz answers Chad, "Studying like mad."
Chad, referring to the French: ”... their irregular verbs drive me crazy.” (0:51)

Liz tells Joe, "I don’t know if I’m crazy about your attitude."
"... you’re not even in med school yet, and already you’re a big psychoanalyst..." (1:00)

Pledge Ruth tells sister Merry Coombs, "Of course, you can’t be crazy about all the girls can’t be crazy about you..." (1:14)

Chad: "Liz, are you crazy?"
Joe slugs Chad in the head. (1:21)

Another pledge tells Liz, "No one around here ever worries about Ruth."
Liz: ”Merry, I couldn’t help noticing that you were worried about Ruth.”
Merry: ”That’s why I’m worried.” (1:24)

Joe tells Liz, "I’ve got a crazy idea." (1:25)

Merry tells Liz, "I’ve been terribly worried."
Dallas tells Liz, ”I’m beginning to lose patience with you.” (1:26)