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Take Shelter

Michael Shannon, Jessica Chastain, Shea Whigham, Katy Mixon, Ray McKinnon, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Robert Longstreet, Kathy Baker, Tova Stewart, Natasha Randall
ethyl alcohol | caffeine | tobacco | zolpidem
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At the library drill operator Curtis looks at a book entitled Understanding Mental Illness. (0:29)

Curtis tells Dr. Shannan, “I’ve been having some trouble sleeping.”
Shannan: “Cut back on any alcoholic drinks, tobacco, caffeine.”
Curtis: “I think I might need to try some medication.”
Shannan: “This is a prescription for a pretty mild sedative. It’s non habit-forming... He’s a psychiatrist.” (0:33)

Insurance agent, by telephone: “I need the name of the specialist whose diagnosis you’ll accept.” (0:36)

Curtis asks the pharmacist: “What’s the copay?”
Pharmacist: “That is the copay.” (0:37)

Curtis’ wife Samantha tells him, “It was like talking to a sane person for once.” (0:38)

Curtis takes two tablets from a prescription bottle labeled zolpidem. (0:39)

Curtis: “That sounds like thunder.”
Drill operator Dewart: “What sounds like thunder?”
He drives away in a panic. (0:41)

Curtis asks his mother Sarah, “Can you remember what happened before you got diagnosed?”
Sarah: “I remember it was a real stressful time.”
”There was always a panic that took hold of me. I thought people were watching me and listening to me.” (0:45)

By telephone Curtis tells Dr. Shannan, “I don’t think I can make it to Columbus to see that psychiatrist...” (0:47)

Curtis meets with psychiatric counselor Kendra. He tells her, “Well, out of the five possible symptoms needed to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, and the negative symptoms, I’ve had two, delusions and hallucinations... Schizophrenia starts at twelve. They say it might be brief psychotic disorder.”
Kendra: “Look, I’m a counselor, certified, but I’m not a psychiatrist. I can’t prescribe anything to you... Now you said here that your mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in her 30s...”
Curtis: “Yeah, I don’t know my mother’s symptoms... My dad had to put her in the state hospital in Columbus...” (0:52)

Referring to a lightning display, Curtis wonders to himself, “Is anyone seeing this?” (0:56)

Samantha asks Curtis, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:59)

Curtis takes a larger number of the zolpidem tablets. (1:01)

Curtis describes his nightmares and psychotic experiences to Samanth: “... people, it just makes them crazy.”
”I’ve been to a counselor.” (1:05)

His brother Kyle tells Curtis, referring to Samantha, “Says you’be been stressed out.”
“You stressed out?” (1:15)

Samantha asks Curtis, “What about the health insurance?” (1:23)

Curtis finds a new counselor in Kendra’s office. He tells Curtis, “It’s been kind of crazy around here lately.”
”It says your mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in her early 30s.” (1:23)

Samantha tells Curtis, “I want you to see a psychiatrist. Not a counselor...” (1:28)

Curtis asks, “You think I’m crazy?”
Curtis asks Russell, ”You think I’m crazy?” (1:32)

Curtis experiences birds swarming him and his daughter Hannah then falling from the sky as a storm approaches. (1:35)

Curtis: “I can hear it.”
Samantha: ”I don’t hear anything.” (1:43)

The psychiatrist tells Curtis, “We can start you on some medication that I think will help...”
”I think that would be okay if we start the medication now...”
”I mean that he’ll need hands-on therapy at a real facility.”
”I think you need to seriously commit to some treatment.” (1:51)