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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

CastWalter Matthau, Beatrice Winde, Robert Shaw, Martin Balsam, Hector Elizondo, Earl Hindman, James Broderick
Year released1974
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Transit Authority police Lt. Zachary Garber tells the directors of the Tokyo subway, "In the course of a normal work week, the average TA policemen deals with such crimes as robbery, assault, murder, drunkenness... exhibitionism..." (0:13)

Caz Dolowicz, referring to the train car: "The crazy dumb-ass son of a bitch stopped again."
”Pure mental case.” (0:20)

Garber tells the others, referring to the Tokyo group, "Don’t worry about a thing." (0:24)

By telephone, Frank Correll tells hijacker Mr. Blue, "You’re out of your skull." (0:26)

Mr. Blue tells the passengers, "I’m sure the more intelligent of you have worked out what’s happening." (0:28)

By telephone, Correll tells Mr. Blue, "Oh, I understand you fine, you lunatic."
”Keep dreamin’, maniac.” (0:29)

By telephone, Lt. Rico Patrone tells Garber, "Geez, it’s crazy." (0:31)

Mr. Blue tells hijacker Mr. Green, "I also think that he is mad." (0:34)

Hijacker Mr. Gray tells a Transit supervisor Caz, "’Cause we’re afraid of flying..." (0:35)

Mr. Blue tells Mr. Green, "Don’t worry."
Mr. Green: ”They got wind of a gang passing dope...” (0:44)

Correll: "Crazy." (0:48)

Mr. Blue tells Mr. Brown, "I suppose somebody out there got nervous or bored." (1:05)

Mr. Blue tells the conductor, "There’s nothing to worry about." (1:06)

By telephone, Garber tells Patrone, "What do you want, Rico, a suicide?" (1:07)

By radio, Garber tells Mr. Blue, "... after this is over you should seek out psychiatric help." (1:11)

By radio, Garber tells Daniels, "I’ll give’m a call in case you’re still worried about it." (1:16)

A passenger tells the others, "Don’t worry. Don’t worry." (1:23)

Mr. Blue electrocutes himself. (1:32)

Patrone tells Garber, referring to discharged motormen, ..."One’s in a mental institution." (1:35)

Patrone answers Garber: "Narcotics." (1:35)

Garbers tells toll collector Latimer, "Don’t worry." (1:37)

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