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Tales of Manhattan

Charles Boyer, Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers, Henry Fonda, Charles Laughton, Edward G. Robinson, Ethel Waters, Paul Robeson, W. C. Fields
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A tailor tells actor Paul Orman, "When Bitaldi left, he was red in the face with rage..." (0:04)

His manager asks Orman, ”Are you mad?”
"What am I going to tell them, that you’ve gone crazy or something?" (0:05)

Ethel Halloway tells Orman, referring to her husband, "The mere mention of your name and he raves like a madman."
Orman: ”The current lunacy must be quite a strain on you.”
Ethel: ”Paul, you’re mad.” (0:08)

Ethel’s husband John tells her and Orman, referring to a guest, "I must speak to him before he gets too tight." (0:12)

Orman tells Ethel, "I adore you, madly..." (0:15)

John tells Ethel and Orman, "Too many drunks."
Ethel: ”John, you’re drunk.”
John: ”I never get drunk. I get involved, but not drunk.”
Ethel tells John, ”I can’t bear to see you drunk like this.”
Orman: ”I was getting very nervous.”
Orman tells John, ”Don’t feel so depressed.”
Orman: “You shouldn’t have worried about you wife, Mr. Halloway. Oh, she may become intoxicated with the wine of romance, but...” (0:16)

Diana tells Ellen, "Well that’s a relief from the usual mental cruelty." (0:33)

Diana reads a letter to Ellen, "All day long I can feel you stalking me again."
”My ecstasy is almost unbearable.”
”Great for stalking.” (0:37)

His friend George tells Diana’s fiance Harry, "But you wait ‘til I take that personality course."
Harry: ”Well don’t be an idiot.” (0:40)

George tells Diana, "I’m not in the mood."
Diana: ”You seem to have caught each other’s mood exactly.” (0:46)

Down and out lawyer Larry Browne has the shakes as he takes a drink. (1:16)

His college classmate Hank Bronson tells Larry, "... because you’re too sober, like me."
Larry tells the others, ”And then a wonderful and beautiful thing happened: Prohibition...”
”... with the advent of prohibition...” (1:31)

Father Joe tells the others, "Don’t worry." (1:39)