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CastJohn Cusack, Tim Robbins, Sam Moore, Junior Walker
Year released1988
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Security guard Josh Tager asks his coworker and friend Ivan Alexeev, "Are you crazy?" (0:05)

Ivan tells artist Belinda Mart, "He’s a moron." (0:17)

Record company president Mo Fuzz, "Kid, I don’t need to see it to know I’m already crazy about it. I’ve got a sense about you, an instinct." (0:24)

Josh tells patient Merlin, referring to Merlin’s wife Miriam, "I think she had an instinct." (0:29)

Belinda’s father Sen. Norman Mart tells Nikki, "I’m tired of you snorting drapes up you damn nose." (0:33)

Josh tells Nikki, "Don’t worry about it." (0:35)

Norman tells his security guards, "You idiots." (0:36)

Rock star Dick Slammer: "This crazy bastard’s trying to kill me." (0:43)

The bartender tells Ivan and Josh, "Brothers Against Drunk Driving, they’ve been bustin’ my ass. Care to perform a sobriety test?" (0:45)

Written on tape on sound equipment: "Panic Button" (0:49)

Semantha: "Don’t worry about it." (0:54)

A reporter asks Norman, "Now does wanting more and bigger missiles stem from a penis envy of the Russians?" (1:07)

Belinda asks Norman’s men, "What are you idiots doing here?" (1:12)

By telephone, Semantha tells NBC News, "Listen, I’ve got a videotape showing a presidential candidate engaged in deviant sexual activities." (1:15)

Ivan tells Norman, referring to Semantha, "She’s been under a lot of stress."
Norman tells Ivan and Josh, ”You idiots, this isn’t a charity ball.” (1:18)

Voice of Ronald Reagan (1:20)

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