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Jonathan Caouette, Renee Leblanc, Adolph Davis
lithium | marijuana | nicotine | lysergic acid diethylamide | phencyclidine | marijuana-phencyclidine
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Jonathan's expression reveals that he heard bad news about his mother Renée on the telephone. He searches for information about lithium overdose on the web. (0:04)

Jonathan: "I'm gonna have an anxiety attack... from all the stress." (0:05)

Renée's parents Rosemary and Adolph "began to think that the paralysis was all in her head. A neighbor friend of the family advised... shock treatments twice a week for two years." (0:09)

"Renée was treated over 100 times from 1965 to 1999 in psychiatric hospitals." (0:11)

"Renée, in a psychotic state... Renée was raped..." (0:12)

Jonathan was "tied up and beaten by his foster parents." Renée's parents "signed the consent form to continue with shock treatment." (0:14)

"René remained in the Austin State Hospital." (0:15)

Jonathan, dressed as a girl, gives a convincing performance as an abused wife: "He used to beat me when he'd come home drunk at night... when he was smokin' that dope." (0:16)

Rosemary talks about "nicotine and the heat." (0:21)

Jonathan talks about his mother: "She was diagnosed schizophrenic... head trauma... did do LSD, PCP and marijuana."
"I got hold of the drug... PCP or LSD... depersonalized my mind." (0:22)

Injection of an arm with a syringe. (0:24)

Jonathan "befriended a drug dealer... wanted to try marijuana... gave him two joints... smoked both joints in succession... laced with PCP and dipped in formaldehyde." (0:26)

Diagnostic criteria for Depersonalization Disorder. (0:27)

Jonathan would "disguise himself as a petite Goth girl." (0:28)

"In reaction to the mental illness... Jonathan embarked on several rampages of 'acting out'... staged suicide attempts almost weekly..." (0:46)

Renée: "She would whip me on my back. Rosemary... was schizophrenic. She was very neurotic, and she was very psychotic... hit me with her fist..." Jonathan asks Renée about the "first mental hospital."
Renée: "My therapist told me I don't have to bring up the past." (1:03)

Renée tells Johnson's father Steve, "I've got Parkinson's."
"... It's from the medication." (1:07)

Jonathan listens to Renée's voice on his answering machine: "I take lithium..." He searches for information on lithium overdose on the Web. (1:09)

"His mother Renée was brain damaged from the lithium overdose." (1:10)

Jonathan asks Renée's father Adolph, "What prompted you and grandma to start administering shock treatments to her...?"
Adolph: "She gets depressed..."
Jonathan: "She's delusional."
"You're delusional or..."
René: "Adolph, are you insane?" (1:16)

Jonathan: "She has insomnia."
"Why do you have such stress in your face?" (1:21)