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Taxi Blues

Pyotr Mamonov, Piotr Zaitchenko, Natalia Koliakanova, Vladimir Kachpour, Hal Singer, Elena Saphonova
psylocybe | psilocybin
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A passenger tells cab driver Shlykov, "Don’t worry."
Passenger: ”You’re crazy.” (0:03)

Musician Lyosha tells Shlikov, "Yakut Indians eat magic mushrooms. I’m naturally high. I’m always high, pal." (0:07)

Lyosha tells Shlykov, "You’re nuts." (0:16)

A man tells Shlykov, referring to Lyosha, "He’s drunk or on the wagon, too up or too down." (0:24)

A woman tells Shlykov, "I threw him out... so I wouldn’t wind up in the nuthouse." (0:25)

Lyosha tells Shlykov, "You’re nuts." (0:30)

Shlykov’s neighbor “Pops” asks a merchant, "... you sell booze to drunks? Why do you sell booze to drunks?" (0:38)

One man tells another, "Don't worry." (0:39)

A woman asks her friend, "You nuts?" (0:41)

Lyosha tells Shlykov, "The charm of an intellectual drunk." (0:47)

Lyosha asks Shlykov, "Are you nuts, moron?" (0:48)

Lyosha takes unidentified drugs. (0:50)

Shlykov tells Lyosha, "Don’t panic." (0:49)

Pops tells Lyosha, "You degenerate, your music has driven you nuts." (1:02)

Christina tells Shlykov, "I’m tipsy." (1:08)

Lyosha asks a train passenger, "Think I drink? Me, an alcoholic?" (1:13)

Christina: "You’re an idiot, Shlykov." (1:14)

By telephone, Shlykov asks, "Sobering up station?" (1:17)

Lyosha trellis Shlykov, "I was dead drunk... I’m flipping. I have the shakes... At least stick me in the madhouse."
Lyosha covers his head and lies on the tracks in front of an oncoming train. (1:17)

Lyosha tells Shlykov, "The foreigner was drunk." (1:28)

By telephone, Pops tells Shlykov, "You’re an idiot, Vanya." (1:30)

Pops: "You really are an idiot, Vanya." (1:43)