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Teacher's Pet

CastClark Gable, Doris Day, Gig Young, Mamie Van Doren, Nick Adams, Peter Baldwin, Marion Ross, Charles Lane, Jack Albertson, Florenz Ames, Harry Antrim, Vivian Nathan
Year released1958
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His assistant Harry tells city editor James, “Some dame tried to commit suicide over a guy. Swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills.”
Assistant city editor Roy: ”Now that’s the business to be in: sleeping pills.” (0:05)

Journalist Harold tells office worker Teresa, Referring to James, “I merely said I liked college football better than professional, and he called me an idiot and began to chew me out.” (0:19)

Journalism instructor Erica shows James a newspaper whose headline reads, “BLOOD CRAZED SEX MANIAC STRIKES AGAIN” (0:34)

Erica tells James, “... your friend’s kind of reporting went out with Prohibition.” (0:41)

By telephone Tess in research tells James, referring to Dr. Hugo Pine, “Special consultant, psychological warfare, U.S. Army. Member, Governor’s committee on state mental hospitals... Head of psychology...” (0:50)

Skolsky reads the title of a book by Pine: ”The psychoneurotic Manifestations of Abnormal Cultural Patterns.”
Woman: “Symptoms and Syndromes?” (0:51)

James asks Erica, “What about, uh, psychology?” (0:54)

James tells his girlfriend Peggy, referring to Pine, “He’s a psychologist.”
Peggy: “Jimsy, what’s a psychologist?”
James: “A guy who gives all kinds of advice about things he knows nothing about.”
”Talk to him about anything but psychology, and I’ll bet you he’s a dead pigeon.” (0:57)

James tells Pine, “Congratulations on Symptoms and Syndromes.”
Pine: “Miss Stone mentioned that you might be interested in taking an elementary psychology course.” (1:01)

Pine tells James, “I once did some research on the psychological aspects of inebriation. I’ve developed... a mental control of liquor’s effects. I can drink any amount at all, and it doesn’t bother me a bit.” (1:09)

James tells Erica, “I never sobered up so fast in all my life.” (1:12)

Erica tells James that she and Pine are writing a book: “The Psychological Factors of Newspaper Readership.” (1:15)

James asks Pine, “Hangover?”
Pine: “Calling what I have a hangover is like referring to the Johnstown flood as a slight drizzle.”
”It’s a mixture used by a tribe of cannibals in the Melanese Islands... when they eat a poisoned enemy.”
”I’m hungover, not unconscious.”
”To me journalism is, uh, like a hangover.”
”The rest of your letter, however, I found filled with puerility, guilt, and insecurity, revealing you, psychologically speaking, a complete mess.”
James: “I gave that waiter five bucks to spike your drinks.”
Pine: ”I only gave him $2 to spike yours.” (1:22)

Erica tells James, “You may have even bet a few dollars that you could make the professor look like an idiot.” (1:34)

Pine tells James, referring to Erica, “First she’ll go through the typical feminine reaction of indignation, then indifference, then indigestion, then insomnia...” (1:40)

James tells Pine, “I may look like a scholar on the outside, but inside I’m still an idiot. An experienced idiot, but I’m still an idiot.”
”Maybe my kind did go out with Prohibition.” (1:46)

Pine tells Erica that James is “filled with ideas of self-destruction.”
”You’ve taken two years of psychology from me.”
”His battered and cringing ego emerges victorious.” (1:47)

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