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Temple Grandin

Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond, David Strathairn, Melissa Farman, Cherami Leigh, Tamara Jolaine, Charles Baker, Blair Bomar, Barry Tubb
Sigmund Freud | Temple Grandin
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Temple Grandin: “I think in pictures, and I connect them.” (0:00)

Temple tells Uncle Mike, “I get it from nervousness.” (0:06)

Temple tells her Aunt Ann her college major might be “Science, probably psychology.” (0:10)

A physician tells Temple’s mother Eustacia, “And no speech yet at the age of...”
“Your child is clearly autistic. “
”She’s an infantile schizophrenic.”
”She probably will never speak...”
”It’s been suggested that it may be a lack of bonding with the mother, that at a crucial phase the mother was cold, aloof, when the child most needed physical affection.” (0:22)

Temple reads a page in French from an eidetic image. (0:26)

Session with psychologist who suggests, “But you don’t like to be touched by people.” Picture of Sigmund Freud on the office wall. (0:29)

Ann tells a faculty member, “She wants to do her own science experiment, something you can evaluate in your psychology course.” (0:33)

Temple conducts her experiment, asking her subjects, “Do you feel, A, claustrophobic... ?”
Subject: ”A. Claustrophobic.” (0:33)

Ann tells the teachers, “She spins to comfort herself... and then the children call her a tape recorder. Then she’ll go into a panic attack. “
Dr. Carlock: ”When was she diagnosed autistic?” (0:36)

Dr. Carlock tells Temple, “You could study people, psychology.” (0:53)

Temple speaks at commencement: “Instead I be... spinning in circles to calm myself... I didn’t even speak until I was four. There’s a highfalutin’ name for this condition: autism.” (0:58)

Prof. Shanklin tells Temple: “... I for one will not be the first person to give you an easy ride because of your autism.”
Temple: ”My autism allows me to understand prey animals well.” (1:07)

A cowboy calls Temple, “You wacko.” (1:29)

Eustacia tells Temple in a voicemail message, “... your friend Dr. Carlock has died.” At the memorial service Temple leaves a cattle pin on his chest. (1:32)

Temple tells shopper Betty, “No, I have trouble with automatic doors sometimes when I’m nervous. I’m autistic.”
”My son is artistic, and he’s got the same thing with airplanes.” (1:36)

Temple tells the others, “I can see a chute just as the cattle will ‘cause that’s something my autism lets me do.” (1:39)

Speaker: “With intensive psychotherapy, an autistic child can be treated...”
Member of the audience: “But the Rimland report plainly shows that autism is not a psychological problem.”
Temple notices a spinning child.
Member of the audience: “But we were told self-stimming is good.”
Member of the audience: ”Self-stimming is self-comforting.”
Speaker: “Self-stimulation, rocking, spinning, rolling on the floor, flapping the...”
Temple: “Self-stimulation does seem to eventually calm the nervous system.”
“I’m autistic.”
“I didn’t speak until I was four.”
“Most autistic people are very sensitive to sound and colors.”
”I’ll always be autistic.” (1:41)