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From the Terrace

Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Myrna Loy, Ina Balin, Leon Ames, Elizabeth Allen, Barbara Eden, George Grizzard, Patrick O'Neal, Felix Aylmer, Dorothy Adams, Raymond Bailey
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The doctor tells the others, referring to Martha, “She’s dead drunk.” (0:02)

Chauffeur George tells Martha’s steel mill owner husband Samuel, “A father can feel badly over a son who was dead for 13 years without ignoring the other one.” (0:06)

Sam tells Martha, “If that egotistical little father of yours was alive to know about this...” (0:17)

Martha asks her son Alfred, “What am I? A hopeless drunkard.” (0:26)

His friend Lex asks Alfred, “Now how can I lose, unless I start getting drunk...” (0:31)

Mary tells Alfred, referring to her dancing partner Jim, “He’s a psychiatrist.” (0:34)

Mary’s mother tells Mary, referring to Martha, “The mother is a drunkard.” (0:43)

Sam tells Alfred, referring to his dead son Billy, “And when he died, there was nobody who understood what happened to me.” (0:48)

Lex tells Alfred, “Your father died a few minutes ago.” (0:54)

Mary tells her friend, “The trouble with you, Sage, is that you're nothing but a frustrated peeping Tom.” (0:57)

Mary tells Alfred, “Every time Sage starts talking like that I get a little crazy.” (1:00)

Alfred tells Mary, referring to Jim, “If I come back he'll have a tough time explaining a busted head to his patients.” (1:23)

Mine owner Ralph tells Alfred, referring to miners, “Sometimes they start home a little drunk...” (1:28)