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CastMark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Josh Gad, Joely Richardson, Patrick Fugit, Pink, Carol Kane
Year released2012
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Meeting: “Adam, sex addict... I have to remember Jonesing, feeling like I was going to... die if I didn’t have sex... I am grateful to be sober today.”
”I’m Neil... I’m a sex addict.” (0:02)

A nurse or EMT tells ER physician Neil, “Twenty something male presenting polysubstance OD. We gave him the Narcan...”
”I haven’t touched myself in about a month, which is crazy...”
”I’m Mike, gratefully recovering sex addict.”
Mike tells Adam, “I’m proud to be your sponsor.”
”Well, I’m grateful to be sober... Now I have been sober 15 years in the beverage program... It’s like trying to quit crack while the pipe’s attached to your body.” (0:04)

Mike tells Adam, “It’s not like booze or drugs.”
Adam: “Why couldn’t I have picked an easy sponsor?”
Mike: “Maybe you wanted to recover.” Mike gives Adam a “touchy-feely rock“ inscribed, “Surrender, idiot.”
Adam tells Neil, “So I’m gonna hear your first step after this, right?”
Frottage. Unconcensual touching of other people.” (0:07)

Neil reads “A Gentle Path through the TWELVE STEPS” by Carnes. He binges with donuts.” (0:09)

His son Danny tells Mike, “I haven’t used in eight months.”
Mike: “You know how I know an addict his lying? His lips are moving.” (0:14)

Meeting: Dede: “My NA sponsor said I needed to come here... There has to be, or I’m gonna... kill myself.”
Member: “At this meeting we give out chips to recognize and celebrate sobriety and to help us in our recovery. We have found through our experience that recovery includes...” (0:15)

Adam tells Mike, referring to Neil, “I’m meeting up with my sponsee to go over his first step.” (0:18)

Adam asks Neil, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:19)

Mike asks Danny, “And you’ve been sober the whole time?”
”Just been white-knuckling it?”
Danny: “Yeah, you know, not everybody needs to go with AA, Dad.” (0:21)

Neil tells another doctor, “I think it’s really... like a defense mechanism.“ (0:25)

Phoebe asks Adam, “Wait, you’re not an alcoholic, are you?”
”No, because my last boyfriend was an alcoholic, and I promised myself I would never date an addict again.”
Adam: “I’m not an alcoholic.” (0:27)

Meeting: Member: “... I couldn’t say to him... ‘Don’t you think I’d rather be alone with a jar of blow and a couple of transsexual hookers?’”
”Neil, sex addict.”
”I’m out of control.”
Adam: “And since you’re not working you’ve gotta do a 90 in 90.”
”90 meetings in 90 days.”
Higher power doesn’t have to be some old dude with a beard in the sky, okay?”
Dede tells Neil, “My sponsor told me to get numbers...” (0:28)

Mike asks Adam, referring to Phoebe, “Is she a friend of Bill?”
Adam: “No, man, at this point in my sobriety I don’t even notice the externals of a woman.” (0:32)

Construction worker Chuck tells Mike, “Ever since I put the liquor down, the slightest thing makes me start crying like a little bitch.”
Mike: “Feelings are like children. You don’t want them driving the car, but you don’t want to stuff them in the trunk either.”
Chuck: ”Where do you get this...?”
Mike: ”Meetings. Lots and lots and lots of meetings.” (0:37)

Neil reads “Out of the Shadows.”
By telephone he tells Adam, “Everything in this... city makes me want to act out.”
Adam: “Get to a meeting.” (0:39)

Neil walks into a meeting: (0:40)

Mike tells his wife Katie and Danny, referring to Chuck, “Guy on the job just slipped.”
He tells Katie, ”The guy’s having a nervous breakdown.”
Mike takes Chuck to a meeting. Danny goes along. (0:41)

Phoebe asks Adam, “Is that a sobriety medallion?”
Adam: “I had been in recovery for five years.”
”Sex addiction.”
”Okay, do you remember when on our first date when you said to me you couldn’t date another addict, and you wouldn’t date another addict?” (0:47)

Mike tells Danny, referring to a caller, “My sponsee.” (0:50)

By telephone Dede tells Neil, “I met you the other day at the meeting.”
”My sponsor’s not calling me back and I’m freaking... out.”
”Then I’d be so depressed I’d call up my guy.”
”And a half hour later I’m using.” (0:52)

Neil tells Dede, referring to his triggers, “I’d say my big thing is anxiety.”
”Yeah, I’m pretty much anxious all the time.”
Dede, “Am I making you anxious?”
Neil: “Hey, you know, the whole higher power thing kind of trips me up a little bit... You know my sponsor tells me that it’s just got to be about something that’s bigger than me...”
Dede: “Helping me. That’s higher power.” (0:56)

Neil walks into a meeting. He tells Adam, “I’m going to finish this 90 in 90 if it kills me.”
Adam: “But just remember, one day at a time.” (0:58)

Adam tells Phoebe, “Compulsive masturbation.”
Phoebe: “The thing that scares me if I’m honest, is how do you know you’re not going to fall off the wagon?”
Adam: “I have been sober for five years.” (1:00)

Dede tells Neil, “Now go tell Mommy you’re a sex addict.” (1:01)

Phoebe tells Katie, “I just think I’m worried about this whole addict thing, you know?”
Katie: “After all, I picked an addict.” (1:11)

Dede tells Neil, “Ecstatic dancing is... about getting in touch with your higher power.”
Neil: “You’re gonna make me find this higher power even if it kills ya, huh?”
Dede: “Let your inhibitions run wild.”
Neil: “I don’t think inhibitions can.” (1:13)

Katie asks Mike, “Have you seen my pain pills?” (1:14)

Adam tells Phoebe, referring to her running, “I know that’s your drug.”
Phoebe: “I know another way to get endorphins going.” (1:15)

Phoebe asks Adam, “I mean, am I crazy?”
Adam: ”I guess... for me for so long... sex was like this secretive chase for a fix, right?”
Phoebe: “This is crazy.”
Adam: “You’re healthy with your compulsive exercising and your crazy... food...” (1:18)

Mike asks Danny, “Did you take your mother’s pain pills?”
Danny: “I’m clean.”
”Mr. 12 step... You can go pretend that you’re Mr. Recovery to all your sponsees... telling them to go make amends. You’ve never even made amends to your own son...” (1:21)  

Adam calls himself “... idiot.” (1:25)

Dede tells Neil, “This is not conclusive to your sobriety.”
”You’re trying to stay sober, and you still have your porn collection?” (1:27)

Mike picks up Katie’s prescription bottle labeled “PERCOCET.” (1:29)

His old friend Becky tells Adam, “The gumption, it’s crazy.” (1:32)

Phrenology bust on Neil’s bookshelf. (1:38)

Neil discovers Becky after a suicide attempt. Neil: “Young female, polysubstance overdose.” (1:39)

Danny tells Mike, “... hysterical. First drink or drug in eight months... I get arrested for DUI... Tell me this is what I get for white-knuckling it.” (1:41)

Series of 12 step meetings. Member: “I’m halfway through my ninth step list.”
Member: “I miss acting out.”
Dede: “There are keep coming back chips for newcomers and members wishing to reaffirm their commitment to sobriety.” (1:44)

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