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That's My Boy (2012)

Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Vanilla Ice, Tony Orlando, Will Forte, Milo Ventimiglia, James Caan, Susan Sarandon, Blake Clark, Meagen Fay, Nick Swardson, Eva Amurri Martino , Ana Gasteyer, Luenell, Rachel Dratch, Todd Bridges
Charlie Sheen | alprazolam | Xanax | hashish | marijuana | methaqualone | Quaalude | morphine | Bob Fosse
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Donny tells teacher Mary, “Don’t get all psycho on me right away.” (0:01)

Donny tells Mary, referring to his dad, “He’s crazy.” (0:02)

Judge Gentile: “And furthermore, the court grants custody of the unborn child to Donald Berger’s father...”
”That is just... mental.” (0:07)

Donny tells his lawyer Jimmy, “I’m just freaking out here.” (0:09)

Jamie asks her fiancée Todd (Han Solo Berger), “Honey, did you take your Xanax today?”
Prescription bottles labeled “alprazolam 1 mg.” and “Morphine.” (0:11)

His receptionist tells Donny, referring to TV producer Randy, “He’ll be pretty psyched to see an old friend.” (0:16) 

Randy asks Donny, “Are you back on drugs?” (0:18)

Todd tells Donny, “Well, more metaphorically.” (0:23)

Todd tells Donny, referring to the snake Donny gave him, “Yeah, and then it died after it ate all your Quaaludes.”
”You making me drive you home from the beach because you got too drunk.”
Donny: “When somebody’s hammered, they have another guy drive home.”
”You’re a junkie?”
”Grandpa was a psycho.” (0:27)

His boss Steve tells Todd, “You are marrying a real workaholic.”
Steve, referring to his son: “He’s a pot smoking bum.” (0:29)

Steve’s mother Delores, referring to Todd, “Maybe he was high on the hashish.” (0:32)

Todd: “The ability to make a bong out of a Taco Bell cup doesn’t make you a whizz kid, Donny.” (0:34)

Jamie: “God, you’re such an idiot Todd.” (0:38)

Todd tells Donny, referring to Jamie, “She’s just stressed out because of the wedding.”
Donny: ”You sure she’s not stressed out about maybe sex...”
”You know that’s... nuts, right?”
Todd: “Oh, let me jog your memory.” (0:39)

Jamie tells Todd, referring to her brother Chad, “I never heard of him passing out drunk before.”
Todd: ”Yeah, it was crazy.” (0:42)

Jamie asks Todd, “Did you take two Xanax?”
Todd: ”I actually took three Xanax, and you know that Xanax...” (0:44)

Father McNally asks Todd, “So your father, he abused you, did he?”
”My father beat me every day with a rake.”
Todd assumes the crane stance from The Karate Kid. (0:50)

Donny: “I’m like a moron over here.” (0:52)

Donny, referring to Todd: “Churches freak the kid out...”
Phil: ”I’m pretty tied in to the church crowd, Rageaholics Anonymous and whatnot.” (0:53)

Jamie tells Todd, “Don’t get too crazy.” (0:56)

Donny: “Then I’m completely confused...” (0:58)

Mrs. Ravensdale tells Donny, “You... are an imbecilic...” (1:00)

Donny tells Todd, “You got a nice buzz going.” (1:04)

Donny asks Vanilla ice, “You got any desire to get wasted with us?”
Vanilla ice lights a glass pipe. (1:07)

Donny tells Todd, “You’re a madman.” (1:17)

Todd asks Donny, referring to Mary, “Are you nervous to see her?” (1:20)

Randy asks Todd, “Must be quite emotional for you to be face-to-face with the woman who molested your father, isn’t it?” (1:22)

Jamie tells Donny, “You are an idiot.” (1:27)

Donny tells Jamie and Chad, “I don’t think Charlie Sheen would understand what’s going on here.”
Jamie: “Todd has to pop a Xanax when he loses a contact lens.” (1:32)

Chad: “Fosse, and Fosse, and Fosse.” (1:36)

Father McNally: “Jamie, do you promise to provide Todd here with unending empathy... ‘til death do you part?” (1:39)

Jamie tells Todd, referring to Donny, “He’s a liar, and he’s crazy.”
Donny: “I wouldn’t do it again, but with this psycho it was warranted.” (1:42)