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The Best Years of Our Lives

CastFredric March, Dana Andrews, Harold Russell, Myrna Loy
Year released1946
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Returning bombardier Fred has a nightmare about a plane crash during combat. (0:51) Do you see any other signs or symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?

Fred tries to recall what happened the night before when he was drinking. Was this an alcoholic blackout? (0:58)

Store manager Mr. Thorpe uses a nasal inhaler repeatedly while talking to Fred about jobs. If he were using it solely for decongestant effect, would he have done so in front of a prospective employee? Would he have used it so frequently? Might this have been a Benzedrine inhaler? (1:15)

Fred's wife Marie asks him about what she heard him say during his nightmares. (1:32)

Fred's love interest Peggy tells her parents that she wants to meet Fred's wife because she thinks it will have a "healthy effect" with respect to her feelings for Fred. (1:50) This movement on her part should close the distance in her relationship to Marie. Is she instinctively balancing a relationship triangle to reduce dysfunction in their relationships?

References in Casino Jack, The Way We Were

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