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The Brothers Bloom

CastRachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rinko Kikuchi, Maximilian Schell, Robbie Coltrane
Year released2008
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The foster mother punches the foster father in the head. (0:00)

Record: "Behavior inappropriate" (0:01)

Narrator: "... in the root of Stephen’s psyche, something now began..." (0:02)

A foster parent slaps one of the Bloom brothers in the face. (0:05)

Bloom Bloom tells a woman, referring to his older brother Stephen, "He writes his cons... with... embedded symbolism..." (0:12)

Bloom tells Stephen, "I’m crippled." (0:15)

Stephen tells Bloom, "... leaving our sucker all alone with an insane amount of very liquid assets." (0:18)

Bloom: "There’s actually a knack to this if you’re trying to fast track into a mark’s sympathies..." (0:22)

Stephen tells Bloom, referring to Dostoyevsky, "His seizures were preceded by an enlightened euphoria." (0:24)

Stephen tells Bloom, "It’s not the talking that hooked her." 
Penelope: ”Hey, get out of the street, idiot.” (0:31)

Penelope tells Bloom, "I decided this wasn’t a story about a miserable girl, trapped in a house that smelled like medical supplies..." (0:35)

Penelope tells Bloom, "I went through a phase where I was mildly obsessed with the bolero." (0:36)

Maximilien “The Curator” Melville tells the others, referring to Penelope, "... She seems a little confused..." (0:40)

Bloom tells Penelope, referring to Stephen, "That’s his dream..." (0:41)

Bloom asks Stephen, "Doesn’t that worry you?" 
Stephen: ”No, but something about her is worrying you plenty.” (0:42)

Diamond Dog tells Bloom, "I’m so proud to be a footnote in the life of the brothers Bloom... You were so passive..." (0:55)

Bloom tells Penelope, "... as long as you focus on..." (1:01)

Penelope tells Stephen and Bloom, "You guys seem a little tense." (1:12)

Bloom slugs Stephen. (1:17)

Bloom punches Stephen in the face. (1:23)

Diamond Dog tells Stephen and Bloom, "Your symbols..." (1:27)

Bang Bang’s car explodes, apparently killing her as Bloom and Penelope watch. (1:32)

Bloom tells Penelope, "I’ve been an idiot..." (1:34)

Bloom realizes the blood is real and reacts to Stephen’s death. (1:43)

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