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Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb, William Bendix, Mark Stevens
Vincent van Gogh | ether
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Police Lt. Frank Reeves tells private investigator Bradford Galt, "You’re an impulsive youth..." (0:03)

Galt tells his secretary Kathleen Stewart, "Don’t worry." (0:07)

Kathleen tells Galt, "You’re stubborn and impulsive..." (0:07)

Galt hits Fred Foss in the head.
Gallt tells Foss, ”I got a poor memory for names and numbers.” (0:10)

Kathleen tells Galt, referring to actor William Powell, "He’s a detective in The Thin Man." (0:15)

Art collector Hardy Cathcart tells Mrs. Kingsley, "... senility is unforgivable."
”The enjoyment of art is the only remaining ecstasy that is neither immoral nor illegal.” (0:18)

A woman asks Tony Jardine, "Did you receive my van Gogh?" (0:19)

Kathleen tells Galt, "... you’ve aroused the maternal instinct in me." (0:26)

Galt strikes Tony Jardine in the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:39)

Galt asks Kathleen, "What about that maternal instinct...?" (0:43)

Hardi tells Mrs. Kingsley, referring to a painting,"When I couldn’t buy it, I became obsessed with the idea of owning it." (0:44)

Foss renders Galt unconscious, then he strikes Jardine on the head with a poker, rendering him unconscious. (0:52)

Galt asks Kathleen, referring to the police, "What am I going to tell them, that I came home and somebody put me out with a face full of ether?" (0:56)

Hardi answers his wife Mari, "One of my friends who deluded himself that his was the ideal marriage has recently discovered that there’s another man." (1:06)

Galt tells Kathleen, "Don’t give me that Pollyanna routine." (1:10)

When she realizes Hardi has murdered Jardine, Mari faints. (1:30)