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The Departed

CastLeonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga, Anthony Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Corrigan
Year released2006
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Police Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam tells Billy Costigan, Jr., referring to Billy’s Uncle Jackie, "He got popped by Nicastro in ‘95. We found his body out by the airport."
Billy: ”I remember his funeral.” (0:10)

Police Capt. George Ellerby: "You’ve been selected for it on the basis of intelligence and aptitude... That’s Fitzy, off-the-boat psycho..." (0:11)

Billy asks Dignam, "You a psychiatrist?"
Dignam: ”... I think if I was Sigmund... Freud, I wouldn’t get an answer.” (0:13)

Billy asks his uncle Edward Costigan, "You mean Stephanie who was the only one who came to my father’s funeral?" (0:15)

Burial of Billy’s mother (0:16)

Police Captain Oliver 'Charlie' Queenan tells Billy, "You’ll be on probation, see a court-ordered shrink..." (0:17)

Billy tells his cousin Sean Costigan, "Ah, come on, you... moron." (0:20)

Gangster Arnold French tells Billy, "You make one more drug deal with that idiot... cop-magnet of cousin of yours..." (0:23)

State policeman Colin Sullivan tells psychiatrist Dr. Madolyn Madden, "You're a mental health professional."
”They’re all freaking crazy on that floor.” (0:27)

Madolyn tells Colin, "You know what Freud said about the Irish."
Colin: ”What Freud said about the Irish is: We’re the only people who are impervious to psychoanalysis.” (0:31)

Gangster Frank Costello asks Billy, "Are you gonna stop doing coke deals with your jerk-off... cousin?" (0:36)

By telephone, Colin tells Costello, "I think I’m having posttraumatic stress." (0:38)

French tells Billy, "Don’t worry about it." (0:43)

French tells Costello, "This crazy... knocked Jimmy Bags’ teeth out." (0:43)

Dignam tells the others, "Queenan’s compartmentalizing everything in SIU, which is the right thing to do." (0:44)

Billy meets with Madolyn.
Billy: ”So you had a parent who was a drunk.” (0:51)

Billy examines a prescription bottle labeled "OXYCONTIN." (0:54)

Billy tells Dignam, "I’m goin’... nuts, man." (0:55)

Billy answers Madolyn: "Valium."
Madolyn: ”We need to have a few more meetings before we even talk about prescriptions.”
Billy: ”Hey, look, I’m having panic attacks... I haven’t slept for... weeks.”
”Christ, I mean, a guy comes in here against every instinct of privacy and self-reliance that he has... you send him off on the street to score smack?”
”Why don’t you just give me a bottle of Scotch and a handgun to blow my head off? Are we done with this psychiatry bullshit?” (0:57)

Madolyn asks Billy, "Why is the last patient of the day always the hardest one?"
Madolyn: ”My card and a prescription for 20 lorazepam.”
Billy: ”Is it enough to commit suicide?”
Madolyn: ”... you fit the model of drug-seeking behavior.” (0:58)

Costello asks his girlfriend, "What have you got to confess to that anointed pederast?" (1:01)

Billy asks Madolyn, referring to her boyfriend, "Is he a head case like me...?" (1:09)

Colin asks Madolyn, "So, why do you make as much as a guidance counselor?" (1:10)

By telephone, Costello asks Colin, "Was that that shrink cunt that answered the phone?" (1:11)

A thug tells Billy, “I’m... high.”
"I’m high. I’m... high. I must be high..." (1:15)

Costello, throwing a fist full of white powder: "Want some coke?" (1:17)

Henchman Patrick 'Fitzy' Fitzgibbons asks Billy, "What, are you... retarded or something’?" (1:19)

Madolyn tells Billy, "You’re not a patient."
”I have to say your vulnerability is really freaking me out right now.” (1:20)

Costello asks Colin, "You’re not crackin’ up are you?"
Colin: ”I don’t crack up.” (1:24)

Billy asks Costello, "As for running drugs, what the... are you doing?" (1:33)

By telephone, Costello asks Colin, "You heard nothing about drugs?" (1:41)

Billy tells police Captain Oliver 'Charlie' Queenan, referring to Costello, "He’s got dope coming in."
”He’s losing his... mind.” (1:44)

By telephone, Costello tells Colin, "Don’t worry." (1:52)

By telephone, Colin tells Billy, "We were very worried." (1:56)

Fitzy uncovers a stack of packaged drugs. (2:00)

French shoots himself in the head. (2:03)

Billy tells Colin, "My only contact in the last six months has been a police shrink." (2:07)

By telephone Billy asks Colin, "Sound quality good enough, ‘cause I was a little worried." (2:15)

Police funeral (2:21)

Reference in Who Gets the Dog?

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