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The Dream Team

CastMichael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Boyle, Stephen Furst, Dennis Boutsikaris, Lorraine Bracco, Milo O'Shea, Philip Bosco, James Remar, Bill Goffi
Year released1989
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“Cedarbrook Psychiatric Hospital
Patient Billy tells patient Kenny, “That’s the best backhand I’ve ever seen on Thorazine.” Catatonia, psychomotor retardation or side effect? (0:02)

Albert repeats what he hears on television. Echolalia? (0:04)

Henry finds patient Jack naked. Exhibitionism? (0:05)

Psychiatrist Talmer tells psychiatrist Verboven, “There’s been a tendency to limit medication. In looking at the chart, the general anxiety level in the Gomez case indicates minor dosage increase. I’m gonna say 25 mg. amitriptyline. (0:06)

Preparation for group psychotherapy session.
Patient Henry tells Billy, “There are some patients that make a therapist just want to shake his head.”
Billy: “American Psychiatric Society.”
Psychiatrist Jeff: ”It’s very normal when you’re coming off medication.”
Billy: “I just flashed back to Nam.”
”Can we take another vote on Henry’s lobotomy?”
Henry: ”That’s my diagnosis, too.”
Billy: ”Dr. Demento speaks.”
Henry: “Everything is so disorganized in here, such a mess.” Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder?
Jeff: ”You know, three weeks ago, before we came off medication, Albert wasn’t trying to communicate with anybody.” (0:08)

Hospital staff case conference.
Jeff tells the others, “One more afternoon in the rec room, and I’m going to have to go on Thorazine myself.”
Psychiatrist Newald: ”Well, I’m not sure what the therapeutic value of a ballpark is for four psychotics.” (0:17)

Billy: “It’s great to be young and insane.”
Alcohol for the unstable.”
Henry tells Jeff, referring to Jack, “That maniac took my seat.” (0:22)

Jeff tells Albert, “Don’t get nervous. Don’t get nervous.” (0:25)

Jeff suffers a closed head injury. (0:32)

Billy: “We’re waitin’ for a news update from a catatonic.”
”I wouldn’t walk into a public place with a bunch of schizophrenics.”
Henry: ”I’ve never agreed with that diagnosis.”
Billy tells Henry, “Comin’ from a guy who carries an autographed picture of Norman Bates in his wallet, that doesn’t mean too much... You are nuts.”
”You be the doctor, and I’ll be the escaped mental patient, okay?”
Henry tells Jack, “You’re having a psychotic episode.”
Jack: “I am the Lord thy God.” Religious delusion? Uranomania? (0:35)

Henry tells Albert, ”We’re gonna be late for group.” (0:37)

A restaurant patron tells Billy’s waitress friend Riley, “You’re gonna give this guy a complex.”
Billy: ”I’m an escaped mental patient with a history of violence.” (0:39)

Albert repeats what the baseball commentator says. (0:46)

Henry asks men sitting beside him at a bar, “Why don’t we bring this up in group?” (0:47)

Jack tells the congregation, “Yes, I was.....dancin’ with alcohol. I was lovin’ drugs... But I hadn’t hit bottom yet... And I’ve been persecuted for speaking this truth.”
Henry: ”This man is clinically insane. He is presently undergoing treatment at the Cedarbrook Hospital under my supervision.” (0:48)

Riley asks Billy, “So am I walking home with an escaped mental patient, or what?”
Billy: “I aced my Rorschach test.” (0:50)

Billy asks Riley, “Nuts?”
”One guy barely speaks. One thinks he’s Jesus, and the other one he’s crazier than any of them.”
”They’re just a bunch of screwballs from my group.”
Riley: ”Group therapy?”
Billy: ”Yeah, group therapy.” (0:55)

Billy tells the proprietor of a military surplus store, “All right, we’re four escaped lunatics.”
Henry: ”Can you recommend a good clinical psychiatrist in the neighborhood?” (1:00)

Billy tells Desk sergeant Vincente: “A doctor doesn’t leave four mental patients to go cruise for chick.”
“What kind of bone head cop would send four confessed mental patients back back out in the streets?” (1:01)

Henry tells the others, “I know this patient’s history.” (1:03)

Billy tells Henry, “Look Dr. Freud, if a guy checks into a hospital, and he’s unconscious...” (1:04)

Henry tells the others, referring to a man he mistakes for Jeff, “He devoted his life to the treatment of the insane.” (1:06)

Crooked cop Gianelli asks the patients, “Are you guys crazy?” (1:08)

Talmer tells Newald, referring to Jack, “Christ fixation. Megalomania.”
Psychiatrist Verboven, referring to Henry: ”Paranoid schizophrenic.” (1:11)

Jack tells Billy, “But we’re crazy.”
Billy: “We better get sane real... fast.” (1:13)

Another cop tells Gianelli and his partner O’Malley, “It was the same alley where they found that shrink from Trenton... and those four nuts who attacked him are still rattlin’ around somewhere.”
Gianelli: ”Those psychos must’ve done Alvarez too.”
O’Malley: ”I have a feeling those psychos are about to go after their doctor again.” (1:13)

Billy asks Riley, referring to Riley’s boyfriend, “Does Ed know... that I’m like nuts?” (1:16)

On television Newald tells a reporter, “It is an irony that the therapist sometimes becomes the focus for deep-seated hostilities and transference.”
Another reporter refers to “The patients.” (1:17)

Adman Murray tells adman Tom, “We’re ready to commit Harakiri out here.” (1:22)

Henry’s wife tells him, “They arrested those other patients.”
Henry: ”I know it sounds crazy.” (1:25)

Television reporter: “In local news, the last of the mental patients missing from Cedarbrook Hospital...”
Ed tells Riley, referring to Billy, ”The guy’s insane.” (1:28)

Billy: “What kind of moron takes four mental patients to a baseball game?”
Billy tells Henry, “I think we do your lobotomy right here and now.”
Henry: ”Electroshock.” (1:29)

Billy tells the others, “You boys look like you’re already back on Thorazine.”
”I’ve got news for you psychos.” (1:33)

Billy tells a cop, referring to Albert, “This man’s insane.”
Jack tells Verboven, “Stay out of my psychosis.”
Talmer: ”If we’re not at Eastside psychiatric in...“
Henry: ”I’d recommend 25 mg. of Thorazine at four hour intervals.”
Billy: ”Remember, we had to restrain one of them.”
Henry: ”Paranoid delusion. A couple of them actually think they’re doctors.” (1:35)

Billy tells Henry and Jack, “All I’m asking you guys for is a couple of minutes of sanity in there, all right... We’re not wackos.” (1:38)

Jeff tells the others, “I have a feeling it’s time for group.” (1:42)

Billy tells Gianelli, “I’m a mental patient.”
Gianelli: “Well, you’re not this crazy, are you?” (1:44)

Television reporter: “Statements from Dr. Jeffrey Weitzman and the four missing mental patients... The four patients were singled out for high praise...” (1:45)

Billy tells Jeff, referring to Talmer and Verboven, “I had ‘em committed... Wacko.”

Henry: ”Medication was indicated. I prescribed 100 mg. of Thorazine.” (1:46)

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