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The Exorcist III

CastGeorge C. Scott, Ed Flanders, Jason Miller, Scott Wilson, Nicol Williamson, Brad Dourif.
Year released1990
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Man: "I have dreams of a rose..." (0:04)

A body breaks through a window. (0:06)

Father Joseph Dyer tells the university president he plans to watch "It’s a Wonderful Life."
The university president answers that his favorite movie is ”The Fly.”
Dyer, referring to police lieutenant William F. Kinderman: ”... every year on this day he gets depressed...” (0:07)

His daughter Mary tells Kinderman, referring to her mother, "So she says right out loud, ‘These Jews are crazy.’"
Mama: ”They’re all wackos.” (0:09)

Dyer tells Kinderman, "... I wound up a lemon drop junkie... along with all that pot... it’s probably addictive."
Posters: It’s a Wonderful Life, Here Comes Mr. Jordan (0:11)

Kinderman tells Dyer, "... our loved ones die..." (0:13)

Police sergeant Mel Atkins tell Kinderman, referring to a murder victim, "He was injected with a drug called succinylcholine. They use it in electroshock therapy."
Kinderman: ”He was conscious?”
Atkins: ”The drug attacks the respiratory system.” (0:20)

Dyer tells Kinderman, "My brother Eddie had the same stupid symptoms for years."
Kinderman: ”Your brother Eddie died at the age of 30.”
Dyer: ”With my brother it was nerves.”
Kinderman: ”You make a lot of people nervous.” (0:21)

Coroner Dr. Alan Stedman tells Kinderman, "In precisely the proper dosage to cause the paralysis."
”Fraction too little has no effect...” (0:23)

Kinderman tells Dyer, "You know, I wonder if both of us are dreaming this."
Dyer: ”I'm not dreaming.” (0:27)

Kinderman sees Dyer’s lifeless body and reacts to his friend’s death. (0:28)

Nurse Allerton tells Kinderman, referring to Dyer, "I came to give him medication."
Referring to Ms. Clelia: ”I found her lying completely unconscious.”
”On my way to give the father his last medication.”
Kinderman: ”Mrs. Clelia is a patient?” (0:32)

Psychiatrist Dr. Temple tells Kinderman, referring to the patients, "Some catatonics, some with Alzheimer's, autism."
Kinderman answers a patient: ”I'd be very proud to believe so.” (0:33)

Temple tells Kinderman, referring to Clelia, "She’s quasi-catatonic..." (0:35)

Dr. Freedman tells Kinderman, "... think of the state of our patients’ minds..."
”You ever heard of malpractice suits?”
Kinderman: ”... the killer carved out... the Gemini symbol.”
”... ‘well first I cut off this finger,’ the loony says...” (0:38)

The university president tells Kinderman, "I have enough to do worrying about kids who need scholarships." (0:46)

Dr. Temple: "That man in the isolation tank..."
Poster: ”A psychotic is someone more neurotic than his doctor”
”... total amnesia... the man in the isolation tank...” (0:51)

Phrenology bust on bookshelf
Temple tells Kinderman, ”That man in the isolation tank...”
”... total amnesia... He ended up catatonic... We've been giving him electroshock therapy... he’s been in isolation...” (0:52)

Kinderman tells Allerton, "Stretch your memory..." (0:55)

Kinderton tells Atkins, "Father Karras was a Jesuit psychiatrist at Georgetown University... 15 years ago, he jumped, or was pushed, to his death..." (0:55)

Patient in straight jacket tells Kinderman, referring to Karras: “Ah, you haven't any medical records for him, have you?...”
Kinderman smacks the patient in the face. (0:57)

Kinderman tells Allerton, referring to the patient, "He passed out." (1:06)

Kinderman tells Allerton, "When I told you that the man in cell 11 fell unconscious, you said something."
Allerton: ”... there was so much emotion in his voice...” (1:06)

The Gemini killer rages.
He asks Kinderman, ”Was I raving?... I’m mad... there was some confusion when the medics said that Karras was dead... a little traumatized... I have dreams of a rose...”
”Incidentally, don’t blame me for that idiot Temple. That was a suicide. The man was a lunatic weakling.” (1:20)

Allerton asks Kinderman, "Are you crazy?" (1:30)

Electroencephalography? (1:33)

Kinderman tells Mary, "I’m crazy..."
Mary, referring to the nurse: ”... She faints, and then when she wakes up...”
The nurse tells Kinderman, ”Catatonics are so easy to possess.” (1:33)

The Gemini killer tells Kinderman, referring to Kinderman’s daughter, "Don’t worry about Julie..." (1:40)

Graveyard (1:45)

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