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The Exterminating Angel

CastSilvia Pinal, Enrique Rambal, Lucy Gallardo, César del Campo, Augusto Benedico, Claudio Brook
Year released1962
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El ángel exterminador

A woman tells Leandro, referring to Leticia, "Perhaps it’s some kind of perversion." (0:07)

Lucía de Nóbile tells three of the domestic staff, "This is madness."
”God grant me patience.” (0:10)

His patient Leonora tells Dr. Carlos Conde, "Your treatment has worked wonders."
Conde: ”I’m flattered my patient feels so amiably toward me...”
Transference.” (0:12)

One guest tells another, "If the others are drunk or crazy, let them stay." (0:19)

Lucia tells her husband Edmundo Nóbile, "I’m sure they’ll feel ashamed when they look back on their behavior." (0:20)

Her husband Edmundo tells Lucia, "I’m confused." (0:24)

A guest tells the others, "I ran all over the place, out of my mind..."
Guest: ”You fainted on viewing the body of Prince Lurca in state.”
Third guest: ”... not a trace of emotion.” (0:25)

Another guest tells Conde, referring to guest Sergio Russell, "He lost consciousness at dawn, but then he came to a bit." (0:26)

Colonel Alvaro Aranda tells Eduardo and Raul, "... that’s what worries me..." (0:28)

Pianist Blanca: "My husband and children must be worried." (0:29)

Ana Maynar: "I think they’re being hysterical..." (0:30)

Conde tells Alberto Roc, referring to Sergio, "He’s slipping into a coma." (0:33)

Raúl: "We haven’t all gone crazy, have we?"
Conde: ”Let’s not get hysterical.”
”There’s nothing worse than panic.”
Edmundo: ”I think you’ve lost your mind, Raúl.”

Leticia tells Raul, ”You’re a fool.” She smacks Raúl in the face. (0:35)

Francisco’s sister Juana Avila tells a woman, referring to Francisco, "Don’t be alarmed by his nervousness..."
Francisco: ”Can’t you see how nervous I am?” (0:38)

A woman appears to lose consciousness.(0:43)

Juana tells Aranda, referring to Francisco: "I won’t allow you to abuse my brother." (0:46)

Rita tells Beatriz, "It’s Cristian’s medicine." (0:50)

Lucia tells Colonel Alvaro Aranda, "Think of a way to get us out of this nightmare." (0:53)

Conde tells Edmundo, "Painkillers are as vital now as food itself." (0:55)

Conde tells Edmundo, "This contains laudanine, codeine and morphine."
Francisco: ”Morphine?” (0:57)

Rita: "I must’ve been dreaming."
”Cristian, please, you’re making a fool of yourself.”
Leandro: ”What a madhouse.”
Conde: ”This is madness.”
Raul answers Edmundo: ”Fine, until we run out of patience.” (1:04)

One spectator tells another, "Another lunatic." (1:08)

Leandro smacks Francisco in the face. (1:15)

Conde asks Raul, "Have you gone mad?" (1:21)

Leticia: "... am I hallucinating again?" (1:24)

Reference in The Falcon and the Snowman

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