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The Great Seduction

CastMemo Villegas, Pierre Louis, Yalitza Aparicio
Year released2023
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La gran seducción

Germán Herrera, narrating: "... many left in search of the American dream..." (0:02)

His wife Maria tells Germán, "I can no longer play along with your fantasy." (0:05)

Mayor Ramon tells Germán, "We live in Santa Maria, you fool." (0:07)

The head physician tells physician Mateo Suarez, "You’ve always been... there for your patients..." (0:12)

The head physician tells Mateo, "... getting wasted and pissing on my car? Only... I am not taking your medical license away..." (0:14)

The football hits Jorge on the head. (0:22)

Man: "This kid is crazy." (0:30)

Germán tells the people, "The doctor said he saw 40 patients in a single day." (0:35)

Germán tells Jorge, "Don’t worry. Don’t worry." (0:37)

Anita tells Germán, referring to Mateo, "When he was kid he lost his brother..." (0:42)

Germán tells Mateo, "... my brother would be the same age, but he died." 
Mateo: ”I also lost my brother...” (0:43)

Germán: "Remember, patience." 
Referring to Anita: ”She gets very nervous.” (0:44)

Germán tells Mateo, "Patience, patience." (0:50)

By telephone, his friend Mau tells Mateo, "... Don’t worry..." (0:57)

Simon: "The drunkard." (1:00)

Germán tells fish-packing company representative Hernandez, "Don’t worry." (1:01)

Jorge tells the others, "... You have to be idiots to be running around like that." (1:03)

Mateo tells Jorge, "You are very drunk." (1:04)

Germán tells the people, "Be patient." (1:07)

Consuelo, referring to Lucia and Mateo, "She’s been cheating on him." (1:11)

Germán tells Simón, "It’s Germán, idiot." (1:14)

Germán: "Don’t worry, Mateo. Don’t worry." (1:15)

Germán: "... the children are dreaming of becoming doctors, engineers and astronauts..." (1:26)

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