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The Hangover Part II

CastBradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Paul Giamatti, Mike Tyson, Jeffrey Tambor, Mason Lee, Jamie Chung, Sasha Barrese, Gillian Vigman
Year released2011
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The Hangover | The Hangover Part III

Teacher Phil Wenneck asks his dentist friend Stu Price, "Hey, how do I work the nitrous?"
”Come on, just one hit.”
Stu: ”Phil, put the prescription pad back.” (0:04)

Stu tells his friend Doug Billings, referring to their friend (Doug’s brother-in-law) Alan Garner, "I consider Alan to be insane."
Go crazy.
”... so nobody roofie’s me.”
”I’m still pouting the broken pieces of my psyche back together.”
Phil tells Stu, ”You’re just selfish.”
Doug: ”Don’t worry, Stu...” (0:07)

Alan injects his leg. (0:11)

Alan tells the others, "I’m a little confused..." (0:13)

Stu tells his fiance Lauren Srisai, "Your dad’s kind of obsessed with your brother." (0:16)

Lauren’s father Fong Srisai, referring to Stu and to Fong’s brother: "He lacked intelligence and imagination... Chaiyo is learning disabled and lives in a group home." (0:18)

Stu and the others appear to awaken with a hangover.
Phil: ”Stu, you’re gonna freak out...”
Stu: ”Alan... did you roofie me?” (0:25)

By telephone, Phil tells Doug, "I don’t remember shit." (0:29)

Leslie Chow tells the others, "You... crazy."
Chow insufflates a drug from his hand. (Cocaine?)
”You ready for craziest... story...”
Chow loses consciousness and collapses, striking his head on a glass tabletop.
Phil: ”Look, if someone comes and finds a dead body and a pile of cocaine...” (0:30)

Phil tells Stu, referring to Lauren’s brother Teddy, "You tell them that Alan and I got drunk with him..." (0:36)

Phil tells Stu, referring to Teddy, "Yeah, they threw him in the drunk tank..."
Police clerk: ”Teddy doesn’t speak...” (0:38)

Alana: "Karate Kid with Jaden Smith." (0:40)

Tattoo artist: "That’s when the cops arrived, started cracking skulls." (0:43)

Alan: "The monkey is a pervert." (0:44)

A monk strikes Phil in the head with a stick then continues striking all of them. (0:46)

Phil tells the head monk referring to the monk wearing Teddy’s T-shirt, "You know, we found him in a drunk tank."
Alan: ”No, he said he’s farting because of medication.” (0:48)

Alan injects his leg.
Chow insufflates a line of cocaine. (0:49)

Strip club owner Samir tells Alan, "... make me crazy..." (0:52)

A transsexual tells Stu they copulated. (0:54)

Alan: "... I’m so confused." (0:55)

By telephone, Phil tells Fong, "We’ve been reeling in some crazy marlin..." (0:56)

Alan tells the others, referring to the marshmallows, "I spiked them with muscle relaxers, and plus my ADHD medication."
Stu: ”You drugged us again?”
Alan: ”I just wanted to knock out Teddy for a little while...”
Stu: ”... you... psycho.” (0:59)

Phil tells Kingsley, "I’m a little confused."
Kingsley: ”... I’m a little... confused.” (1:02)

Chow asks Phil, "Oh, you never do blow before?"
”Don’t worry.”
”... That little monkey snorting coke with me all night...” (1:07)

Chow, referring to the monkey: "Think of him like monkey drug mule. He take coke to buyer and deliver cash to dealer... Dealer never handle drug directly."
”... maybe get some blow too...”
”Well, I needed some blow...”
”Don’t worry...” (1:09)

Teddy tells Stu, "I can’t remember anything..."
Stu, referring to Teddy’s finger: ”Yeah, we gave it to a drug-dealing monkey.” (1:27)

Stu tells Lauren, "Don’t worry about the tattoo..." (1:32)

Stu tells Alan, "It’s insane..." (1:35)

Mike Tyson: "Don’t worry, Alan." (1:36)

Brief photos of Chow insufflating cocaine. (1:37)

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