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The Hangover Part III

CastBradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, Heather Graham, Jamie Chung
Year released2013
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The Hangover | The Hangover Part II

His father Sid tells Alan Garner, "You are to go back on your medication, or I’m cutting you off." (0:06)

Burial of Sid in a cemetery.
Alan: ”I can’t believe my daddy is dead.” (0:07)

Alan’s brother-in-law Doug Billings tells friends Phil Wenneck and dentist Dr. Stuart Price, "... apparently Alan’s been off his meds for almost six months..."
Referring to Alan’s mother: ”Linda really wants to stage an intervention for him.”
Phil: ”An intervention?” (0:09)

Lauren Price, referring to Tracy Billings: "... she said that the treatment facility that they found is really nice."
Stu: ”Tattoo was the worst: nightmare.” (0:10)

Alan’s sister: "Alan, this is an intervention."
Stu: ”You’re off your meds...” (0:13)

Alan tells the others, referring to his father’s vest, "He died in it."
Doug: ”... what you’re doing is really brave. We’re proud of you.” (0:15)

Gangster Marshall tells the others, referring to drug dealer Black Doug and Alan, "... it all started... when this moron sold the wrong drugs to this dumb..."
Stu tells Black Doug: ”You sold Alan Roofies.”
Marshall’s henchmen beat the friends.
Marshall, referring to Doug: ”You don’t give me Chow, I blow his brains out. You go to the cops, I blow his brains out.”
Phil: ”But that’s insane...” (0:18)

Alan tells Stu, "... you’re standing there looking like an idiot."
Phil: ”We’ll use drugs, prescription drugs.”
Stu: ”Good luck finding a dentist who will write fake prescriptions.” (0:25)

The pharmacist tells Stu, ”This drug... it’s just a little weird.”
Stu: ”I actually am the prescribing doctor.” (0:26)

"I got Demerol..." (0:27)

Phil tells Stu and Alan, referring to Leslie Chow, "Alan needs to convince Chow to go... someplace where we can... drug him."
Phil: ”We jab him...”
Alan: ”I’ll jab him... I’ve drugged people before.”
Phil: ”... we’re not letting you handle any drugs.”
Alan: ”... you could eat at least three before hitting a fatal dose.”
Stu: ”That insane theory is the only reason I’m still alive?” (0:27)

Stuart laces Chow’s drink with a drug.
Stuart: ”We’ll tell the waitress he’s drunk...” (0:32)

Chow answers Phil, "... doing blow..."
”Why you wanna drug poor Chow?” (0:33)

Stu asks Chow, "Are you out of your mind?"
Chow, referring to the chickens: ”All I feed them is cocaine...” (0:37)

Stu: "We’ll toss these burgers over the gate, wait for the Demerol to kick in."
Stu, referring to the dogs: ”This will knock them out for hours.” (0:38)

Chow tells Stu, "I’m also dyslexic." (0:42)

Stu tells Marshall, referring to Marshall’s dogs, "They’re just tranquilized." (0:51)

Phil tells Stu, "Well, don’t worry..." (0:55)

Stu tells Phil, "I found the Demerol." (0:56)

Jade: "I’m kind of a germ freak." (1:01)

Jade tells the others, "She says there’s this crazy Chinese guy... There’s... drugs everywhere..." (1:04)

Phil tells Stu: "After we stick Chow..."
”Give me the Demerol.” (1:07)

Chow punches Phil in the head then butts him in the face. (1:13)

Phil tells Chow, "You’re just out of your... mind..." (1:14)

Chow: "I love cocaine." (1:15)

By telephone, Phil tells Stu, referring to Chow, "He’s out of his... mind." (1:15)

Chow: "I’m out of my... mind." (1:15)

Chow regains consciousness. (1:18)

Marshall: "Leslie Chow is madness. You don’t talk to madness." (1:22)

Alan tells Chow, "... you’re smart..." (1:26)

Pawn shop clerk Cassie tells Alan, "They said it was abuse of an elderly." (1:30)

Stu, revealing his full breasts: "You guys, we’re so crazy."
Phil: ”Stu, don’t freak out...”
Stu: ”I have boobies now.” (1:36)

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