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The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Alan Arkin, Laurinda Barrett, Stacy Keach, Jr., Chuck McCann, Biff McGuire, Percy Rodriguez, Cicely Tyson, Sondra Locke
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Deaf mute silver engraver John Singer reads a note pinned to his intellectually disabled mute friend Spiros Antonapoulos, "I have committed Spiros to the state hospital." (0:07)

Spiros’ cousin Spirmonedes: "... I say he gets committed."
Lawyer: ”But it’s a mental hospital.” (0:07)

John shows his card to Margeret “MIck” Kelly: "I am a Deaf Mute." (0:14)

Mick tells her father John is "... a deaf mute person..." (0:16)

Mick’s mother tells Mick’s father Robert, referring to Mick, "You’d side with her no matter what she wanted." (0:23)

Mick tells Robert, referring to her mother and John, "... she did, and to that cripple." (0:24)

Jake Blount appears intoxicated. (0:26)

Man, referring to Jake, after seeing him throw himself against a wall: "He’s crazy."
Jake strikes his head against the wall, leaving himself unconscious. (0:30)

Dr. Benedict Mady Copeland tells John, referring to Jake, "... I will give him emergency treatment." (0:31)

Jake asks John, "A mute?... I must’ve really been drunk..."
”A mute... I don’t think I’ve ever been that drunk before.”
”Boy, I must’ve really been drunk.” (0:36)

Dr. Copeland tells John, "I have a patient, a deaf-mute..."
”... I must be getting back to my patients.” (0:41)

Dr. Copeland tells his daughter Portia, "You’re bein’ hysterical." (1:08)

Dr. Copeland asks Portia, "You drunk?"
Portia: ”... now my Willie is a cripple.” (1:29)

Robert tells Mick, "Don’t you worry." (1:41)

Dr. Copeland tells John, referring to Portia, "She’s half out of her mind with grief and hatred." (1:45)

John finds Spiros’ grave. (1:58)

After hearing a gunshot upstairs, Mick finds John has shot himself dead.(1:59)

Mick brings flowers to John’s grave in a cemetery and finds Dr. Copeland there. (1:59)