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The Holdovers

CastPaul Giamatti, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Dominic Sessa
Year released2023
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Student Angus Tully tells his schoolmate Crandall, "It’s the same swimsuit James Bond wears in Her Majesty’s Secret Service..." 
Student Harriman tells schoolmate Teddy Kountze, referring to a plastic bag, ”Looks more like a nickel bag.” 
Angus: ”... it's ditch weed.” 
Kountze: ”This shit’s premium weed...” 
Angus, referring to Kountze: ”Little Christmas orphan needs his pot and porn.” (0:05)

Classics teacher Paul Hunham quotes founder Dr. Green to headmaster Dr. Hardy Woodrup, "Our one true purpose is to produce young men of good character..." (0:11)

Paul tells his class, "I can tell by your faces that many of you are shocked at the outcome." 
Kountze: ”My dad’s gonna flip out.” (0:13)

Memorials in chapel
Priest: ”Just this year Curtis gave his life valiantly in the service of his country... Mary Lamb... we accompany you in your grief..." (0:16)

Paul, "Adversity builds character, Mr. Tully..." (0:21)

Angus tells the others, referring to Paul, "The sadistic..." 
Kountze, referring to teacher Decker: ”... He’d be perving all over us.” 
Kountze asks schoolmate Jason Smith, referring to a marijuana cigarette, ”Wanna hit this?” (0:21)

Angus tells Kountz, "It’s winter, idiot... you’re a... insecure sociopath." (0:25)

Kountze, referring to Mary, "I know she’s sad about her son..." (0:29)

Mary tells Paul, referring to her son’s father Harold, "... he died before I gave birth." 
Paul: ”... very insightful.” 
”... insightful.” (0:32)

Student Ye-Joon Park tells Angus, "I had a nightmare." 
Angus: ”I get nightmares too.” (0:39)

Jason, referring to Paul, "... he’s already lit." (0:40)

Mary tells Paul, "You can’t even dream a whole dream, can you?" (0:45)

Angus smokes a marijuana cigarette. (0:47)

Angus tells Paul, "... just us two losers and a grieving mom." (0:49)

Paul tells Angus, "I meant it metaphorically." 
Angus: ”Of course you meant it metaphorically.” (0:51)

Paul tells the pharmacist, "We have this prescription." 
Pharmacist: ”Percodan...” (0:53)

Paul tells Angus, "That’s the Percodan talking." 
”Listen, you hormonal vulgarian...” (0:56)

Waitress and Barton staff member Miss Lydia Crane answers Paul, "A pompous ass with a dictator complex?" (0:56)

Angus answers Paul, "My shrink." (1:01)

Janitor Danny tells Anugs, "You’re out of your mind." (1:02)

Angus tells Paul, ”... I’m losing my goddamn man.” 
Mary tells Paul, ”Now you got me nervous.” (1:04)

Danny tells Mary, "You so crazy." (1:09)

Paul tells Lydia, "My mother died when I was young." 
: ”... Integrity is a punch line.” (1:11)

Mary, crying: "He’s gone." (1:15)

Paul tells Angus, referring to Mary, "This poor woman is bereft..." 
Angus: ”My father’s dead.” (1:16)

Mary asks Paul, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:24)

Paul tells Angus, "... man’s every impulse and appetite, from the disgusting to the sublime, is on display here..." (1:29)

Angus tells Paul, "Don't’ be so modest." (1:33)

Paul reads Angus’ prescription bottle: "Librium." 
”You mean depression?” 
Paul’s prescription label: “Librium” (1:37)

Movie Little Big Man, "I saw you in a dream..." (1:40)

Psychiatric hospital. Angus’s meets his father Thomas in a day room
Thomas tells Angus, ”I think they’re putting something in my food.” (1:43)

Angus tells Paul, referring to Thomas, "... four years ago he started acting strange: erratic, forgetful... they put him on medication, but that just made it worse. He got more confused... They put him away..." 
Paul: ”... You’re smart...” 
”Cretin.” (1:47)

Angus’ mother Judy Clotflter tells Paul, referring to a snow globe, "The people at the sanitarium confiscated it from my ex-husband." 
Referring to Thomas: “... He suffers from debilitating mental illness: paranoid schizophrenia, early-onset dementia...” 
Stanley: ”He tried to brain one of the orderlies...” 
Judy tells Paul, referring to Angus, ”... he manipulated your sympathies...” 
Paul: ”... he’s also very smart... very smart...” (1:58)

Paul tells Woodrup, "... I have the insight..." (2:02)

Kountze tells Ye-Joon, referring to Paul, "I heard he got booted for eating feces" 
”... burgling turds.” (2:05)

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