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The Ipcress File

CastMichael Caine, Nigel Green, Guy Doleman, Sue Lloyd, Gordon Jackson, Aubrey Richards, Frank Gatliff, Thomas Baptiste, Oliver MacGreevy
Year released1965
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Another agent tells agent Harry Palmer, "I’m in his full confidence..." (0:09)

Colonel Ross tells Major Dalby, "What’s worrying them upstairs is that too many government scientists are leaving their jobs..." (0:14)

Palmer and Housemartin fight with traumatic head injury (0:33)

Dalby calls Palmer "You idiot."
Jock Carswell tells Palmer, ”Well, don’t worry, man...” (0:35)

Agent Jean Courtney tells Palmer, referring to her husband, "He was killed in Tokyo." (0:39)

Dr. Radcliffe appears unconscious. (1:01)

Ross tells Dalby, "The psychiatrist says that he’s suffering from some form of amnesia."
Dalby, referring to Palmer: ”If he’s clean, he’s got nothing to worry about.” (1:09)

Jocko shows Palmer a book: "Induction of Psychoneuroses under Stress" (1:12)

Palmer learns of the death of Jocko.
Palmer tells Courtney, ”Jock’s dead.” (1:14)

Grantby tells the others, "Well give him two more days, then we’ll start the treatment." (1:26)

Guards restrain Palmer in a chair. (1:27)

A man tells Grantby: "The gestapo and the MVD used to beat a man for months..."
Grantby uses post-hypnotic suggestion on Palmer.
”He’s using pain to distract himself.”
”Intensify the treatment...” (1:29)

Electroencephalography machine
Grantby uses suggestion. (1:33)

Grantby tells Dalby, "I’d have preferred a few more treatments." (1:38)

Palmer tells Ross, "I might have been killed or driven stark raving mad." (1:46)

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