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The Joy Luck Club

Tsai Chin, Kieu Chinh, Lisa Lu, France Nuyen, Rosalind Chao, Lauren Tom, Tamlyn Tomita, Ming-Na Wen, Michael Paul Chan
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June Woo: "My mother died four months ago."
Referring to her mother’s friends: ”They were worried.” (0:05)

June tells her mother’s friend Lindo Jong, referring to her mother’s twin babies, "How sad they must have been when you told them Mom died." (0:17)

Young Lindo tells her mother-in-law Huang Tai Tai, "I had a bad dream."
Huang Tai Tai: ”What a stupid girl to have bad dreams.” (0:30)

Lindo tells her daughter Waverly, "In my memory, my mother’s very important to me." (0:48)

Ying-Ying St. Clair, referring to her husband: "He became forgetful, so forgetful he had not returned by the next morning...." (0:58)

Ying-Ying’s daughter Lena, referring to her mother: "... it seemed like all her fears turned into worries about me." (1:04)

Lena tells Ying-Ying, "Don’t worry." (1:04)

Lena’s husband Harold, referring to a television announcer: "What an idiot." (1:09)

An Mei Hsu: "I had no memory of my mother..." (1:17)

An Mei’s mother tells her, "Be obedient." (1:22)

Rose Hsu: "The one word sent me into total shock..."
”It was straight out of some awful racist movie, like The World of Suzie Wong.” (1:25)

Rose: "I told myself that was the selfless way..." (1:29)

An Mei: "Second wife told me my mother had died by accident, taking too much opium... II know my mother killed herself on purpose... She had eaten sticky sweet dumplings, one after the other, filled with opium, when the poison broke into her body." (1:43)

Funeral ceremony for An Mei’s mother (1:43)

Rose tells her husband Ted, "I ate opium, and I died." (1:48)

June’s father tells her, "You know, ever since Mommy died, it’s a mystery where everything is... I don’t need old photos for memory."
”Back then, no medicine...” (2:02)