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The Ladies Man

CastJerry Lewis, Helen Traubel, Pat Stanley, Kathleen Freeman, Buddy Lester, Gloria Jean, Hope Holiday, Mary LaRoche, Madlyn Rhue, Alex Gerry, Jack Kruschen, Gretchen Houser, Lynn Ross
Year released1961
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Sign: “WELCOME TO MILLTOWN (A VERY NERVOUS LITTLE COMMUNITY)” Reference to the drug Miltown? (0:02)

Recent college graduate Herbert: “What, are you crazy lady?” (0:07)

Herbert, referring to cook Kate: “This woman is out of her mind.” (0:30)

Herbert, referring to a lodger: “What a nut!” (0:40)

A lodger asks Herbert, “What am I, crazy or something?” (0:43)

Lodger Fay tells Herbert, “I get so depressed sometimes.” (1:01)

Herbert faints. (1:28)

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