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The Lawnmower Man

CastJeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan, Jenny Wright, Geoffrey Lewis
Year released1992
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(Director's Cut) 

Dr. Lawrence Angelo tells project supervisor Sebastian Timms, referring to a chimpanzee, "My treatments are making him smarter at an incredible rate." 
”I won’t increase the dosage of aggression drugs. He’s already been exhibiting behavioral instability... What you are suggesting could destroy his mind.” 
Timms: ”... They don’t care about his intelligence enhancement. They want his primal rage centers fully stimulated...” (0:01)

Angelo tells his wife Caroline, ”I had a bad nightmare...” 
Looking out the window, he sees neighbor dad Harold Parkette smack his son Peter in the face. (0:06)

Angelo tells Timms, "I’ve warned you about the aggression factors..." (0:008)

Angelo, referring to the chimpanzee: "Rosco 1138’s mental capacity has been enhanced by neurotropic drug therapy... his mind has been programmed..." (0:09)

Angelo tells Timms, "... just take him out with a tranquilizer gun... turn off your ego trip for God’s sake." 
Referring to the caretaker: ”Jobe’s I.Q, couldn’t be more than 45 or so.” (0:14)

Angelo tells caretaker Jobe Smith, "... don’t worry..." (0:15)

Father Francis McKeen: "... the Lord and I cannot tolerate disobedience, Jobe..." 
”Not even my drunken brother Terry...” 
McKeen beats Jobe with a belt. (0:18)

Timms tells Angelo, "You’re being paranoid." (0:24)

Gas station attendant Jake asks Jobe, "You forget who you’re talkin’ to, half-wit?" (0:26)

Caroline confronts Larry about spending time with his virtual reality hobby
Caroline: ”You’re too obsessed with your work to even notice...” (0:29)

Harold asks Peter, "Didn’t I tell you not to play with that moron anymore?" (0:33)

Angelo, dictating: "Why did Rosco bond with this retarded man? I mean, he’s little more than a six-year-old’s mentality..." 
Caroline: ”... drinking all that whiskey isn’t going to help your depression...” (0:33)

Angelo tells Peter’s mother Carla, referring to himself as a child, "... insatiable curiosity..." (0:36)

Jake, referring to Jobe: "... Freakin’ retard..." (0:38)

Angelo, dictating: "... this hiatus is driving me insane..." (0:38)

Angelo, testing Jobe: "Don’t worry. Don’t worry..." (0:40)

Angleo tells Jobe, "I need to give you a shot of vitamins first." 
Jobe: ”I had a shot once, Dr. Angelo, and it hurt.” 
Angelo selects a bottle labeled “NOOTROP...” 
Angelo: ”... don’t panic...” (0:45)

Angelo dictates: "I’m going to step up the treatments and increase the dosage of nootropic drugs..." (0:47)

Angelo dictates: "... Synaptic activity has increased 400% in less than a month. His human brain is responding to the nootropics..." (0:48)

Angelo dictates: "... if I can keep panic control... I must continue the treatments." (0:49)

McKeen: "More drunken nonsense from you, Terry." (0:50)

McKeen asks Jobe, "... What sort of perverted behavior is this?" 
Jobe: ”You know, you shouldn’t hit people... You shouldn’t hit people like that.” (0:53)

Angelo tells Timms, "... I’ve totally reconfigured both the nootropic and the cyberlearning programs without aggression factors." (0:54)

Jake tells Terry, referring to Marnie Burke, "She’s just teasin’ this half-wit... You got him dressed up like a fool." 
”I’ve known her ever since her husband died.” 
Jake slugs Jobe in the head. (0:56)

Angelo tells Jobe, "... Your entire nervous system and endocrine system will be in sync with the brain expansion." (1:00)

Angelo: "Prepare brain stem injection." 
Computer: ”Synaptic reaction positive.” (1:01)

Jobe reads Marnie’s mind. (1:03)

Angelo: "It’s not like memorization, Jobe." 
Jobe: ”Dr. Angelo, I’m not just memorizing...” (1:08)

Jobe reads waitress Dolly’s mind. 
Customers’ thoughts: ”What’s wrong with that fool?... he’s probably been taking dope... He’s having a breakdown...” (1:10)

Jobe tells Angelo, "... I would go crazy." 
Angelo: ”Even with the treatments stopped, your abilities continue to change and grow... don’t worry, Jobe...” (1:11)

Timms: "Mr. Director... the aggression vectors... caused" (1:13)

Timms grabs bottles labeled “NOOTROPIC DRUG” (1:14)

Angelo: "Shut down theta stimulation." (1:15)

Angelo dictates: "I’m stopping the treatments..." (1:15)

Jobe tells Angelo, "... a group of researchers were able to raise blisters on the bodies of hypnosis subjects, purely through autosuggestion." 
Angelo: ”We’re a long way off from thinking to physical manifestations.” 
Jobe: ”That's why you stopped the drug treatments...” 
Angelo: ”Have patience, Jobe. Have patience.” (1:17)

Jobe tells Marnie, "I can read your mind." 
”You sure have some strange fantasies.” (1:19)

Jobe: "You realize, Dr. Angelo, that my intelligence has surpassed yours..." 
”The treatments have to continue.” (1:26)

Angelo dictates, referring to Jobe: "... his insights seem twisted. I fear for Jobe’s sanity." (1:27)

Angelo: "... the results... indicate unlimited applications in the area of mental disability alone, such as retardation, Alzheimer’s..." 
Angelo tells Timms, ”You idiot, you goddamn idiot...” 
”... there were two other chimps who got into fits of rage...” 
Timms: ”... Don’t look so shocked...” (1:28)

Jobe injects himself. (1:31)

Timms tells Angelo, "Your behavior cost us a lot of ground tonight." 
Angelo: ”My behavior?...” 
Angelo punches Timms in the face. (1:31)

Agent: "I’m shocked, Dr. Angelo..." 
Angelo strikes him on the head with a bottle. (1:35)

Jobe recalls voices: "... Who you talking to, half-wit?... I told you not to play with that moron..." (1:35)

Director: "Well, there’s no need to panic, Timms." (1:36)

Jobe tells Father McKeen, "... took in the poor idiot nobody wanted." 
McKeen: ”They’re impatient for you.” 
”I have committed cruel acts of molestation.” (1:37)

A gas pump nozzle strikes Jake in the head. (1:39)

Lieutenant Goodwin tells Angelo, "Crazy with the heat, schizo...phrenia all over town last night..." 
”Marnie Burke... flipped out. Now the psychiatrist figured she’d probably witnessed one of the murders, and she’s just in shock, but I’ve seen people flipped out before, and this girl was flipped out for good...” 
Goodwin tells another policeman, ”Well, this world is chock full of nuts, Cooley... schizos...” (1:44)

Angelo: "You’re having delusions, Jobe... The first sign of psychosis is a Christ complex." 
”You’ve had a psychotic break...” (1:48)

Angelo tells Peter, "... Don’t worry..." (1:57)

Jobe makes a guard shoot himself in the head. (2:01)

Jobe tells Angelo, "Your naive idiocy makes me very angry." 
”I sense your thoughts.” (2:08)

Angelo: "... this technology will free the mind of man..." (2:14)

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