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The Light That Failed (1939)

Ronald Colman, Walter Huston, Muriel Angelus, Ida Lupino
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Young Maisie tells her friend Dick Heldar, "I don’t want to be selfish."
”... how selfish you are to wish I’d kill you.” (0:01)

An enemy warrior strikes Dick in the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:07)

One soldier tells another, referring to Dick: "... I’ve seen a good deal of delirium." (0:08)

Monsieur Binat tells Dick, "May you have visions of heaven..." (0:10)

Dick answers Torpenhow: "Drunk." (0:14)

Maisie tells Dick, "I paint madly all the week..."
Dick: ”I’ll wait and paint madly all the week.” (0:18)

A model tells Dick, "... you had to get me drunk for this."
Torpenhow: ”A man could have gone to a pub and got decently drunk.” (0:20)

Dick asks Maisie, "What’s the use of worrying?" (0:23)

War correspondent The Nilghai tells Torpenhow, referring to Dick, "He’s as mad as a hatter." (0:27)

Maisie answers Dick, referring to her painting "Melancholia." (0:29)

Maisie tells Dick, "There’s a limit to the selfishness of Maisie." (0:37)

Torpenhow tells Dick, referring to a woman asleep on his sofa, "She fainted on the pavement."
Dick: ”My melancholia.”
Torpenhow tells the woman, referring to artists, ”They’re all mad.”
Torpenhow asks Dick, ”This melancholia thing new?” (0:38)

An oculist tells Dick, "I would advise utmost caution and the avoidance of any mental anxiety."
”The symptoms you’re experiencing are the beginning of complete degeneration... ”
Dick: ”How long have I got if I avoid all strain and worry?” (0:51)

Dick, referring to Torpenhow: "Well, I can’t take him off his trip to sit down and sympathize with me..."
”And Bessie, of course, because she knows all about melancholia...” (0:54)

Model Bessie Broke tells Dick, "You’re drunk again." (0:58)

Bessie tells Torpenhow, referring to Dick, "He’s driving me mad... He’s been drinking like a fish for nearly a month."
Dick tells Torpenhow, ”I’m drunk, and everything’s blurred...”
”I can see much better when I’m drunk.” (1:00)

The Nilghai tells Torpenhow, "I was worried about him."
”I can’t stand heavy drinking in any man.”
”I’m going out to get drunk.” (1:05)

Dick: "I’m hearing voices, now." (1:12)

Dick tells Maisie, "... you haven’t seen my melancholia." (1:14)

Dick tells Torpenhow’s butler Beeton, "You’re thinking of a lunatic asylum."
Beeton: ”It was hardly a lunatic asylum that was in my mind, sir.” (1:21)

Bessie asks Beeton, referring to Dick, "Drunk?" (1:21)

Bessie tells Dick, "I wouldn’t worry about the picture if I was you."
Dick tells Bessie, referring to Maisie, ”She must’ve thought me mad.”
Dick: ”What presumption and what arrogance.” (1:25)

Despite his blindness, Dick insists on riding into battle where an enemy bullet kills him. Suicide? (1:33)