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The Lost Weekend

Ray Milland, Jane Wyman, Phillip Terry, Howard Da Silva
Vincent van Gogh | Ernest Hemingway | ethyl alcohol
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Writer Don tells his brother Wick, “I haven’t touched the stuff for 10 days now.”
”Wick, I just had a crazy idea.” (0:02)

Don relapses at a bar. He tells bartender Nat, “That’s what drives you crazy.”
Don’s friend Gloria: “I’m just crazy about the back of your hair.”
Don tells Nat, referring the effect of alcohol: “I’m Van Gogh, painting pure sunlight.” (0:13)

Wick tells Don’s girlfriend Helen, referring to Don, “He’s a hopeless alcoholic.” (0:19)

Wick tells Helen, “You’re crazy.”
Let go of him.” (0:20)

Nat tells Don, “You’re drunk, and you’re just makin’ with the mouth.”
Don: “The Confessions of a Booze Addict: The Logbook of an Alcoholic.” (0:28)

Helen tells Don, “As a matter of fact I’m going to an extremely crazy party on Washington Square.” (0:37)

Nat tells Don, “Okay, sot they go to that cocktail party, and he gets stinko...”
“By this time he’s crazy about the girl... he doesn’t touch liquor for...” (0:38)

Wick: “Oh you poor idiot, Don.” (0:42)

Wick tells Helen, “I had to promise to go on the wagon.”
”All that happened was that Don was nervous at the idea of meeting your parents, and so he had a couple drinks.”
Helen: “Don’s a little tight. Most people drink. A lot of them get tight once in awhile.”
Don: “I’m a drunk.”
”You see, the first time we met I should have had the decency to get drunk just for your sake.”
”Hemingway stuff... Who wants to stay in college when he’s Hemingway?”
”There are two of us, you know, Don the drunk and Don the writer, and the drunk would say to the writer... ‘Come on you idiot...’ another binge, another bender, another spree... The flop suicide of a flop writer.” (0:45)

Nat describes ways Don could kill himself. (0:51)

Don, to himself: “You’re not crazy.” (0:54)

A woman in a restaurant tells her companion, referring to Don, “George, he’s drunk.” (0:59)

Gloria asks Don, “Say, you out of your mind?” (1:10)

Nurse Bim tells Don, “This is Hangover Plaza.”
”Alcoholic ward.”
”Just a slight concussion.”
Don: ”Why’d they put me in the alcoholic ward?”
Bim: “Listen, I can pick an alkie with one eye shut. You’re an alkie... Good old Prohibition days... Prohibition: That’s what started most of these guys off.”
”Ever have the DTs?”
”That’s where you start seeing the little animals... Delirium is a disease of the night.” (1:12)

Another patient appears to suffer from formication.
Nurse: “Get the restraints...” (1:16)

The Birnams’ landlady tells Helen, referring to Don, “He’s off on another toot.” (1:21)

Don sees a mouse’s head protruding from a hole in the wall, then a bat flyin around the room. (1:24)

Helen, “You can get as drunk as you like for all I care.” (1:31)

Don pens a suicide note then loads his revolver. (1:32)

Hele tells Don, “I’m just ashamed of the way I talked to you, like a narrow-minded, insensitive, small town teetotaler.”
”It’s just that I’d rather have you drunk than dead.”
Don: ”... fear, shame, DTs...” (1:34)

Don tells Helen, “I wonder how many others there are like me... on fire with thirst... as they stagger blindly towards another binge, another bender, another spree." (1:39)

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