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The Love Witch

Samantha Robinson, Gian Keys, Laura Waddell, Jeff Parise, Jared Sanford, Robert Seeley, Jennifer Ingrum
Jimson weed
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Artist Elaine Parks, referring to her ex-husband Jerry: "I had a nervous breakdown after he left me... but I still have intrusive thoughts. My therapist told me that I’m not unusual at all. People are abused all over the world..." (0:01)

Interior decorator Trish: "Do you have fairy princess fantasies, Elaine?"

Elaine: ”... I’ve been studying parapsychology...”
Trish: ”You sound as if you’d been brainwashed by the patriarchy.”
Elaine: ”You have to give a man his fantasy.”
Trish: ”His fantasy?”
Elaine: ”Yes, his fantasy... You might say I’m addicted to love.” (0:07)

Elaine answers college professor Wayne Peters, "... hallucinogenic herbs."
Wayne: ”Hallucinogenic herbs?”
”You have two selves.” (0:24)

Wayne tells Elaine, "It’s crazy."
Elaine: ”You’re just having a lot of emotions right now.” (0:29)

Wayne tells Elaine, "I had such horrible dreams last night."
Elaine: ”What did you dream about, baby.”
Wayne: ”I dreamt that I was calling your name...” (0:33)

Elaine: "I’ve been so depressed since my cat died." (0:37)

Bartender Sam tells waitress Jane, referring to a body, "They found a symbol carved in his chest." (0:42)

Elaine tells Barbara, "After Jerry died, the cops wouldn’t stop harassing me... San Francisco got to be a really bad trip..."
Referring to Wayne: ”All these emotions started flowing out of him...”
Barbara: ”Well, guys can’t handle their emotions too well...” (0:42)

Gahan tells Barbara and Elaine, "... I don’t see why we all have to be so uptight now." (0:45)

Gahan: "They teach us... that women’s emotions and intuitions are illnesses that need to be cured..." (0:48)

Jerry’s voice: "I’ve been really patient..."
Man’s voice: ”I have crazy bitch for a daughter.”
Jerry: ”You’re not crazy?”
Man: ”Well, if you’re not crazy, then you’re stupid... are you crazy...?” (0:50)

Trish’s husband Richard tells Elaine, referring to flying, "You don’t know what kind of high it is."
”I’ve never had any sordid love affairs... I’d fantasize that I was one of those crazy kinda gangsters...”
Elaine: ”You wanna have a sordid love affair.”
”I’m your ultimate fantasy.” (0:59)

Police detective Sgt. Griff Meadows tells detective Steve, "... the toxicology report showed traces of Jimson weed, also known as devil’s weed, a highly toxic hallucinogenic." (1:03)

Gahan tells Elaine, "You’re looking a little tense tonight, love." (1:08)

Barbara tells Elaine, "I thought you were crazy about that new guy..."
Elaine: ”He just became really obsessive, morose...” (1:09)

Griff: "At first she’s this incredible object of mystery who fulfills all your wildest fantasies..." (1:28)

Steve asks Griff, "Has everyone gone crazy around here?... Elaine’s husband died of a drug overdose..."
Referring to Elain: ”Her husband died of a drug he’d never taken before, and did you ever find where Wayne Peters got the devil’s weed?.”
Griff: ”There was devil’s weed growing near his cabin. Apparently he experimented often with drugs.”
Griff punches Steve in the face. (1:30)

Trish discovers Richard’s lifeless body with blood dripping from his wrist. (1:33)

Trish tells Elaine, "Maybe you should give a man his fantasy."
”I think that’s when he started having that affair. Whoever she was, she drove him crazy... I didn’t know that he was going to take his own life.” (1:34)

Griff tells Elaine, referring to Trish, "She said you drove her husband to suicide."
”That’s insane. What about the spells and the drugs?”
”What you call love is a borderline personality disorder or worse.”
Elaine: ”Don’t diagnose me. Maybe you’re a narcissist who can love.” (1:47)

Griff and other men trade punches to the head. (1:51)

Griff tells Elaine, "Don’t worry." (1:52)