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The Man Who Fell to Earth

CastDavid Bowie, Candy Clark, Buck Henry, Rip Torn
Year released1976
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Professor Dr. Nathan Bryce tells a student, "Don’t worry about it." (0:18)

Extra-terrestrial Thomas Jerome Newton tells elevator operator Mary-Lou, "I must have fainted."
Mary-Lou: ”Fainted!?” (0:28)

Mary-Lou tells Newton, "Boy, you’re really hooked on water, aren’t you?" (0:32)

Bryce: "... my mind had developed a libido of its own." (0:37)

Newton watches Love in the Afternoon on television. (0:40)

Voice from television: "This man is completely insane." (1:02)

Bryce tells Newton, referring to astronauts, "Some of them are basket cases now."
”You see, Mr. Newton, I’m the disillusioned scientist that goes with... alcoholic actor...” (1:10)

Bryce: "Mr. Newton, are you crazy?" (1:13)

Newton tells Bryce, "You put alcohol in my drink." (1:19)

Newton tells Bryce, "Don’t worry." (1:35)

A man tells attorney Oliver V. Farnsworth, "Aw, don’t worry about it."
”There’s nothing to worry about.” (1:42)

Surgeon: "Don’t worry, Mr. Newton." (1:48)

A nurse injects Newton. (1:51)

Newton answers Mary-Lou, "I see things." (1:55)

Mary-Lou tells Newton, "You don’t have any grass. You don’t have any booze." (2:00)

Newton tells Bryce, "I may not see sober anymore." (2:17)

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