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The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Liev Schreiber, Kimberly Elise, Jon Voight, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Simon McBurney, Bruno Ganz, David Keeley
caffeine | Nodoz | methohexital
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Army Major Bennett Marco answers a question: "Uh, concussion, lost focus." (0:07)

Corporal Al Melvin asks Marco, "I have these dreams, Sir."
Marco: ”Dreams?”
Melvin: ”Do you have dreams, sir?”
Marco: ”Everybody has dreams, corporal.” (0:09)

Packages of NoDoz at grocery checkout. (0:11)

News commentator: "With public anxiety being rekindled... the worries just continue to grow." (0:11)

Virginia Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw tells her U.S. Congressman son, "... Raymond Prentiss Shaw: handsome, intelligent..."
Raymond: ”Let’s not have any illusions about it...” (0:14)

In a speech, Raymond refers to "... my father, the late Sen. John Shaw..." (0:15)

Eleanor tells Gillespie, "They should be down on their fat white knees, thanking me for saving this party from committing political seppuku." (0:17)

Eleanor asks the others, ".... which, uh, genius hatched the idea of pairing a sound bite from Nebraska with a relic who thinks that keeping suicide bombers off our buses is unconstitutional?"
”My gut instinct says he won’t...” (0:18)

Reporter: "... Sgt. Shaw heroically fought off the enemy and guided the shell shocked survivors of the lost patrol across hostile terrain to safety."
Man: ”Raymond Shaw is the most selfless human being I've ever known.” (0:23)

Lt. Col. Howard asks Marco, "Are you taking your meds?"
Marco: ”... I’ve had over a dozen years of experts telling me that I have Gulf War syndrome, I have posttraumatic stress and every other mood disorder that you can name.”
Colonel Garret: ”You’re saying that an entire squad of U.S. Army soldiers was hypnotized into believing that Raymond Shaw deserved the medal of honor.”
Man: ”And you are to resume your medication.” (0:30)

Raymond: "Somewhere right now, an American soldier in the war on terror is worried about his family back home... that the brave men and women of the armed forces... should have to worry about their families back here in America." (0:31)

By telephone, Eleanor tells Raymond, "I’m calling to compliment you, Mr. Grumpy...." (0:33)

By telephone, Marco tells Mr. Villalobos, "... the Army’s got me gathering information on stress disorders..." (0:36)

By telephone, Marco asks someone, "Did he have nightmares or bad dreams about the fire fight...?" (0:36)

A doctor tells Raymond, "You’ll feel a little cold as this anesthetic gel goes on."
Raymond: ”Capt. Marco is knocked unconscious.” (0:36)

Passenger Rosie tells Marco, "Romance novels, instant noodles, NoDoz, and tomatoes."
Marco hallucinates a bullet hole in her forehead and later a vision of the doctor. (0:42)

Rosie tells Marco, "I’m nervous. I yak when I get nervous." (0:47)

Marco tells his friend, "I wasn’t hallucinating, Delp."
”It’s not Gulf War syndrome.”
”My dreams seem more real to me... like somewhere along the line I got brainwashed or something...”
Delp: ”We have all been brainwashed, Marco... A little electroshock and sleep deprivation will do the trick...”
Marco: ”What about my dreams?” (0:50)

Marco asks Raymond, "Do you ever dream about Kuwait?"
”I asked you about your dreams.”
”There are these dreams that some of the men from our unit have been having.”
Raymond: ”... you’re knocked...”
Marco: ”Unconscious...”
Raymond: ”Am I in your dreams, captain?”
”I don’t have dreams, captain.”
Marco: ”... you don’t dream at all? Everybody dreams, right?”
Marco: ”I’m not crazy, Shaw.” (0:53)

Marco tells Raymond, "Neurons got exposed..." (1:00)

An FBI agent tells Marco, referring to Melvin, "Maybe he committed suicide."
FBI agent Williams: ”What’s your obsession with Raymond Shaw.”
Marco: ”I’m not obsessed with Raymond Shaw.”
Agent Jonas: ”Psycho” (1:03)

Raymond tells Eleanor, "That would be political suicide."
”... if his slim hold on sanity requires that I tolerate his delusions until he can get help...”
Record on Marco: ”Gulf war syndrome... Acute paranoia...” (1:04)

An officer tells Marco, referring to a neurologist, "He’s had real success with Gulf War syndrome." (1:06)

Delp tells Marco, referring to the implant project, "The Clinton watch dogs finally freaked out about it." (1:08)

Delp tells Marco, while holding a syringe, "I’m putting you on a cocktail of methohexital to take the edge off."
”ECT not being the precise science that, say, leeching is.”
Delp: ”... a victim of induced abreaction...”
Delp administers a shock to Marco’s head. (1:10)

Reporter: "... planning a suicide bombing." (1:13)

Comedian on television: "Panic." (1:18)

Marco plays back a recording of Rosie: "Romance novels, instant noodles, NoDoz... mad scientist, mind drugs, shock torture..."
Rosie: ”It’s crazy.”
Marco: ”It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?”
Rosie: ”It sounds crazy.”
Marco: ”Atkins committed suicide.” (1:21)

Dr. Noyle: "With the flick of a switch we can adjust character, change personality... offset the ravages of dementia by implanting memory or adjusting the synaptic connections...." (1:24)

Marco tells Sen. Thomas Jordan, "I started with nightmares..."
”Nightmares that you’ve interpreted... your spotty memory... the Internet, sacred sanctuary of idiots and nutters... a crazy man’s notebook... will plead ignorance and be shocked, shocked to learn...” (1:25)

Reporter: "In a momentary panic..." (1:27)

Eleanor: "The man is insane, Tom. He’s been stalking Raymond...."
Eleanor tells Raymond, ”Your bipolar war buddy has been sharing his dreams...”
Tom: ”Major Bennett Marco claims that this man brainwashed you.”
Eleanor: ”In his dreams.”
”He’s delusional.”
Tom: ”He’s pulled from his mad hat...”
Tom: ”Deep implant behavior modification.”
Eleanor: ”Idiotic story.” (1:27)

Raymond: "I’ve been having the dreams, Ben."
”Jocelyn’s dead.”
”I don't remember, Ben.” (1:41)

Eleanor tells Raymond, "... the assassin, the deranged, obsessed, tragically paranoid lone gunman is trying to kill you." (1:47)

Rosie shoots Marco before he can shoot himself. (1:58)

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)