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The Mask

Jim Carrey, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck, Cameron Diaz, Richard Jeni, Orestes Matacena, Tim Bagley, Nancy Fish, Johnny Williams, Reg E. Cathey, Joely Fisher, Ben Stein
Elvis Presley
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Singer Tina tells bank clerk Stanley, ”As I was saying about that tie, it kind of reminds me of one of those... inkblot tests.”
Stanley: “A Rorschach test.” (0:05)

Psychologist Dr. Arthur Neuman tells talk show host Wendy, “We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking. We suppress the id...” (0:16)

The Mask mimics Elvis. (0:43)

Police Lt. Kellaway tells bank clerk Stanley, “There can’t be two idiots with pajamas like these.” (0:47)

Kellaway tells his partner, police detective Doyle, “... and all I need is a couple of prints to lock this wack job up until doomsday.” (0:48)

Neuman tells Stanley in session, “My book is about masks as a metaphor, Mr. Ipkiss. A metaphor... You’re suffering from mild delusion.” (0:53)

Stanley tells reporter Peggy, “It’s crazy.” (1:04)

Gangster Dorian: “What a rush.”
”Better than ever, you idiot.” (1:07)

Stanley tells Tina, “If deep down inside you’re a little repressed... you become... a love-crazy wild man.” (1:11)

Stanley tells Kellaway, “I’m warning you, I’m seriously stressed out here.”
Kellaway: ”Now don’t be an idiot.” (1:18)

Kellaway tells Stanley, “You’re driving like a maniac.” (1:21)