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The Mayor of Hell

CastJames Cagney, Madge Evans, Arthur Byron
Year released1933
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Gang leader Jimmy Smith punches shopkeeper Mr. Partalas in the face. (0:04)

Gang member Tony Carmonotti tells Jimmy, referring to Partalas, "His head’s busted."
Jimmy: ”... anybody that says any more about that around here is gonna get a smack in the mouth.”
Jimmy slaps another gang member. (0:04)

The Children's Society lawyer tells gang member Tommy’s father, who appears intoxicated: "Mr. Gorman, you promised us three weeks ago to stay sober."
Mr. Gorman: ”Who’s sober? Who’s staying sober?”
Gang member Izzy’s father Mr. Horowitz Asks Judge Gilbert: ”What reason... make me sit in this courtroom all day long like a fool?” (0:08)

Gang member Tommy Gorman tells gang member Joliet "Smoke" Hemingway, "You’re crazy..." (0:21)

Deputy Commissioner Patsy Gargan tells reformatory warden Thompson, "Well then we have nothing to worry about..."
Thompson tells Jimmy, ”When I said behave yourself, boy, I meant it.”
Jimmy strikes Thompson in the face. (0:26)

Thompson beats Jimmy with a whip. (0:28)

By telephone, Sam tells Thompson, "You’ve got nothing to worry about..." (0:30)

Thompson smacks Jimmy.
Patsy Gargan tells Thompson, ”I never want to see you lay your hand on a kid again...” (0:39)

Inmate Charlie tells Jimmy, referring to Thompson, "If he walks in his sleep, he’ll walk in." (0:53)

Charlie tells Jimmy, referring to Gargan, "Gee, he’s nuts, ain’t he?" (0:55)

Patsy tells nurse Dorothy Griffith, "I’m crazy about you, baby."
”It’s got me worried...” (0:59)

Patsy slugs Joe on the chin. (1:01)

Patsy’s assistant Mike asks Patsy, "... you gettin’ nervous?"
Mike: ”Don’t tell me you’re worryin’ about that joint now.” (1:03)

Mike tells Patsy, referring to Dorothy, "If you’re worryin’ about that dame, I’ll call her up." (1:06)

Joliet asks the others, "Are you crazy?" (1:11)

Johnny dies with the other boys standing by and Jimmy at his side. (1:18)

Thompson jumps out of a window. (1:24)

Patsy tells Gilbert, "Don’t worry." (1:28)

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