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The Missing Lady

CastKane Richmond, Barbara Read
Year released1946
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Thug Ox: "Nothing meant to worry you, Kester."
”If I find out who socked me...” (0:02)

Rose Dawson tells Ox, "It’s a habit of mine." (0:04)

Detective Lamont Cranston: "Pleasant dreams, Ox." (0:07)

One man punches another in the head. (0:11)

Jennie Delaney tells her friend Margo Lane, referring to elevator operators Effie and Minnie, "Couple of bloomer girls batty over elevators." (0:11)

Someone strikes Lamont on the head. (0:13)

Anne Walsh appears to faint.
His assistant Shrevvie tells Lamont, “Hey, she looks like a warm number, if she wasn’t out cold. Say, is everyone here out cold?”
Shrevvie answers Gilda Marsh, referring to Anne: ”Oh, she’s just out for a while... she’s out too.” (0:14)

Police Inspector Cardona: "Jacobs, stay here until the medical examiner gets here." (0:17)

Lamont tells the detectives, "I told you that I was knocked out, and that when I came to, the gun was in my hand." (0:18)

The Shadow asks Anne Walsh, "and fainted?" (0:21)

Cardona tells Lamont, "Stay out of my hair or I’ll part yours with a baseball bat." (0:28)

Gilda renders Lamont unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:32)

Lamont, after striking Terry Blake: "Someone else out for a change." (0:34)

Artist Jan Field tells referring to his grandfather, "He died, and his ashes are in the urn." (0:38)

A bar patron who appears intoxicated tells Shrevvie, "Drunk at the derbies..." (0:43)

The intoxicated patron tells Jennie and Margo, referring to his wife, “No, she just died...” (0:44)

Lamont tells Rose, referring to the Jade Lady, "Someone... then lost her again after being hit on the head."
Rose: ”Have you finished dreaming?”
Lamont: ”It’s your nightmare, not mine.” (0:45)

Lamont tells Ox, "You’re a well-behaved thug."
”... you lost her again after getting hit on the head with a golf stick.” (0:48)

Jennie tells Shrevvie, "... well, you're crazy" (0:50)

Ox punches Lamont. (0:50)

Cardona tells Lamont, "If any more women get in this case, I’ll need... a new nervous system." (0:52)

Lamont and Ox trade punches. (0:55)

Ox tells Lamont, "You’re crazy."
Lamont: ”This is what hit you on the head, Ox...” (0:57)

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