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The Net (1995)

CastSandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller, Diane Baker, Wendy Gazelle, Robert Gossett, Ray McKinnon, Daniel Schorr, L. Scott Caldwell, Juan Garcia
Year released1995
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United States Undersecretary of Defense Michael Bergstrom places the barrel of a revolver in his mouth, and as the camera moves away we here the gunshot suggesting suicide. (0:02)

Software engineer Angela's mother cannot recognize her own daughter. Dementia? (0:08)

Angela tells supposed software engineer Jack, "It was my shrink actually... Then my mom developed Alzheimer's." (0:32) 

Police record displayed on Jack's computer: "Narcotics"
Angela: "My therapist Alan Champion."
"My ex-therapist..."
Police officer: "She's wanted for... narcotics." (0:44)

Psychiatrist Alan shows Angela a prescription bottle: "Seldane, the antihistamine of champions." (0:51)

Alan tells Angela, "I can put your mom in the county sanitarium."
"I'll figure out the best way to transfer your mom to the sanitarium." (0:53)

Alan tells Angela, referring to Angela's mom, "She's safely ensconced at the county sanitarium." (1:01)

Alan tells Angela, "I'm starting to think that you're not delusional." (1:03)

A nurse tells Angela, referring to Alan, "They have him pumped full of epinephrine." (1:04)

Jack tells Angela about her "criminal record... drugs."
Angela: "Bergstrom suicide."
Jack: "Bergstrom just happened to be homophobic." (1:09)

A nurse asks Angela, "Ma'am, would you like to talk to a counselor?" (1:14)

Police record: "mother killed... drug overdose..." (1:20)

Angelos attorney tells her, "I guarantee you will be found incompetent to stand trial, and they will hold you indefinitely." (1:22)

A television reporter talks about the "recent suicide..." (1:30)

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