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The Nutty Professor

CastJerry Lewis, Stella Stevens, Del Moore, Kathleen Freeman, Howard Morris, Elvia Allman
Year released1963
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Chemistry professor Julius F. Kelp answers Dr. Mortimer S. Warfield, "... prior to my exposure as a student counselor at USC..."
Warfield: ”... I knew my memory served me well.” (0:05)

Kelp tells his class, "Therefore, through history, man has been curious..." (0:10)

Kelp tells a weight lifter, "It must take a great deal of patience."
Weight lifter: ”I don’t think you’d have the patience for it.” (0:19)

Kelp tells Dr. M. Sheppard Leevee, "... I feel now that curiosity has taken over..."
”... don’t worry...” (0:21)

Kelp reads from a book, "Man’s growth, mentally and physically..." (0:23)

Kelp switches to Buddy Love. (0:35)

Another patron asks Buddy, "Why don’t you pick on somebody your own disposition?" (0:36)

Buddy: "Mood is wrong. Mood is wrong." (0:42)

Kelp’s student Stella Purdy tells Buddy, "You rude, discourteous egomaniac."
Buddy: ”... you’re crazy about me...”
”Nutty, let’s go.” (0:45)

Stella tells Buddy, "... your curiosity gets stirred up."
”You must be deranged.”
Buddy: ”Yeah, I’m deranged...”
”I’d have to be a complete idiot not to want to hold you...”
Buddy begins to switch back to Kelp. (0:47)

Kelp: "I am completely aware of what chemistry and drugs can do..." (0:54)

Kelp’s mother Edwina calls his father Elmer, "Idiot." (0:56)

Kelp tells his myna bird Jennifer, "... Now it’s much, much too complicated to memorize..." (0:57)

Buddy tells Stella, "Crazy."
”... don’t worry about it, beautiful...” (1:00)

Buddy tells Stella, referring to waitress Vampira: ”She’s crazy about me also.” (1:05)

Buddy begins to switch back to Kelp. (1:08)

Kelp appears to suffer from hyperacusis. (1:09)

His secretary Millie Lemmon tells Warfield, "... I have bought the craziest new drapes..."
Warfield: ”If you can do so without fainting...” (1:16)

Buddy asks Warfield, "... or a headshrinker? I went to them once... headshrinker. He told me I had a dual personality, you know, split, schizo and all that jazz... I said get the other 41 from the other guy."
”... I think you’re modest...” (1:17)

Stella tells Kelp, "Don’t worry about it, professor."
Kelp: ”No, I won’t worry about it.” (1:26)

Kelp tells Stella, referring to Buddy, “I’m told he is a young man with a very nice personality.”
Stella: ”... He’s rude, disrespectful, self-centered and discourteous.”
Kelp: ”Well then, it’s not his nice personality.”
Stella: ”I believe intelligence is a greater talent than anything. If Buddy has any real intelligence, he has a fantastic talent for keeping it hidden.” (1:26)

Kelp: "... I didn’t mean to do anything that wasn’t of a kind nature..." (1:39)

Kelp lectures: "The psychological properties of visual quality and quantity can be represented conveniently by a three-dimensional diagram." (1:44)

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