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The Plainsman

CastGary Cooper, Jean Arthur, James Ellison, Charles Bickford
Year released1936
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Title: "... an attempt to do justice to the courage of the plainsmen of the west." (0:01)

Mary Todd Lincoln (0:03)

Voice from outside: "The President is dying." (0:06)

One woman tells another, "Don’t be nervous..." (0:12)

Louisa tells Wild Bill Hickock, referring to her husband William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, "if he refuses to go, you’ll think he’s a coward." (0:35)

Jane tells Louisa, referring to Cody, "Now stop worryin’ about him, honey..." (0:38)

Jane asks Hickok, "Are you crazy?" (0:44)

Hickok punches an Indian in the face, rendering him unconscious. (0:59)

A bullet hits Cody’s head. (1:04)

Soldier: "Where are you going, you idiot?"
Cody: ”Hey Bill, come back here. Are you crazy?” (1:10)

Hickock tells the others, "No, you fools, no." (1:12)

Jane tells Hickok, "Aw, Bill, you’re crazy..." (1:18)

Cody: "You’re crazy, Bill."
Bill: ”I’d be crazier if I didn’t do what I think I ought to.” (1:23)

Jane: "Bill Hickok, when you talk like that, I could bounce a rock off’n your bean." (1:26)

Jane tells Hickok, "You’re talkin’ crazy..." (1:40)

One bystander tells another, referring to the barber, "Tony must be crazy." (1:47)

Bill dies in Jane’s arms. (1:50)

Title: "It shall be as it was in the past... Not with dreams, but with strength and with courage, Shall a nation be molded to last." (1:52)

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