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The Polka King

CastJack Black, Jenny Slate, Jason Schwartzman, Jacki Weaver
Year released2018
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Jan Lewan: "When I was little boy in Poland, all the times I dreaming of America..." (0:00)

Jan: "I was most nervous..." 
Jan’s wife Marla: ”... He had this charm...” (0:04)

Marla’s mother Barb tells Jan and Marla, "Every night I’m up worrying." 
Marla: ”Well, she doesn’t need to worry, right, Jan?” 
Jan: ”I think Mama and Marla please not worry...” 
Marla: ”... we don’t need to worry.” (0:06)

Jan tells investors Ed and Anita, "... This dream right here." (0:10)

Jan tells Barb, "Low blood make me sugar crazy." (0:21)

Marla tells Jan, "... I’m just a little worried." (0:31)

Band member Mickey tells Barb, referring to his wife Cheryl, "... bad mood swings, too." (0:46)

Marla tells the audience, "... I put my dreams aside so that I could raise a family... Didn’t you used to have dreams and goals?" (0:50)

Barb tells Marla, “... believe in your fantasy world." 
Marla: ”I would rather live in a fantasy world...” 
Barb: ”I am done with you lunatics.” (0:53)

Barb tells Mickey, "I think Jan is a drug dealer.
Mickey: ”... I made up this whole crazy story...” 
”Jan Lewan is not a drug dealer...” (0:54)

Performer Bitsy Bear tells band member Lonny, "Okay, you’ve got a pretty inflated ego." (0:59)

Contestant Connie Klopski: "... I’m confident we Americans... can do." (1:03)

Jan rages at his son David. (1:12)

Jan tells Mickey, "... I kill myself..." 
Mickey: ”I cheated on my wife with Barb.” (1:16)

Jan tells a prison guard, "I never kill nobody or even punch a face." (1:20)

Jan: ”So I stuck in room with crazy man...” (1:20)

Jan tells Marla, "... Is good thing having throat slit by crazy man." 
Marla: ”I can’t believe they put you in the cell with that lunatic ” (1:21)

Barb smacks Anita in the face.
Barb tells Anita and Ed: ”You invested with him because you were greedy... You were greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy.” 
Ed: ”Maniac.” (1:22)

Marla tells Jan, ".... I’m just a fool..." (1:23)

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